Here's how to get your own Baby Yoda

Storch Advisors CEO and former Toys ‘R’ Us CEO Gerald Storch discusses Target’s slumping stock value, baby Yoda coming to Build-A-Bear Workshop and Nike shoes being banned by the World Athletic Association.

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  1. Targets for white people

  2. If they want to save the toys buisness…make better toys that are playable and parents need to stop giving kids electronics at a young age.

  3. Because. Target is anti Trump. The Obama's are renowned target supporters. Target sides with the staunch libs.

  4. Baby Yoda will sell millions of units. Any retailer that doesn't carry this toy will do so at their peril.

  5. In the future they're going to have to put an asterisk behind the new records once these enhancing products are allowed in team sports.

  6. Target Sucks… they cater to millennials and Liberals. Goodbye Target! GET WOKE… GO BROKE! lol

  7. The problem with Target is that Walmart is cheaper

  8. witch,, one is worse target or Starbucks,, will hire muslims over usa white men

  9. I'm alen Kazemi and BBC news and Donald Trump love you so much for you@#

  10. Am I alone in wanting the Mandalorian to just drop off Baby Yoda on Hoth kick him out the door an leave?
    And I'm only on episode six.

  11. Advantage is also a loss for giving advantage. 🤦🏻

  12. Lululemon like Lou's lemons targets babies yoda collection's.

  13. Targets down because of their agenda.

  14. Screw Target and their alphabet cult.

  15. iFunnians are going to use theirs as punch bags.

  16. I vote for me to be targets new toy buyer

  17. The Problem with Target was their choice of toys, I have two kids, they had LAME toys

  18. Target shot themselves in the bullseye!

  19. Target us going down, bad advice.

  20. US Government Accountability Office finds that Trump violated the law by withholding aid
    Lev Parnas says Trump knew exactly what was going on
    Fox: Baby Yoda


  22. The Dayton family owns Target they are evil.

  23. Those kids in the Chinese sweat shops better get to work, we need those dolls🥵

  24. Varney is the type of old cluelessan who never learns anything because he think age makes him a genius and he just has experts he finds off google to ramble their shtick to make sales(bogus experts and paid off usually) .. get rid of Varney, hes a dimwit. Also you can already get baby yoda on amazon you dim wit. Wow do some research fox

  25. I need a bebe Yoda 😭😭😭

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