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Here's when the U.S. will be ready to go 'back to normal' | Just The FAQs: Deep Dive

This is how we will know when the US is ready to go ‘back to normal’.
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It’s highly unlikely the United States will reach zero cases of COVID-19 without a vaccine. Even so, some activities will likely be able to resume.

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  1. Lol omg its not even classified as "SARS-Covid-19" or whatever tf she said ITS NOT SARS W.H.O. said that it works way differently then SARS, and stop talking about a "vaccine" The way vaccines work is you take part of a disease and injected into someone so their cells can fight it off. That wouldn't work with Covid-19 because you can catch it more than once. And just saying you fake news people dont even know what your talking about. Stop giving these naive people false news. Not to mention if this virus was actually killing more people then anything we've ever seen it would probably be a blessing, hopefully it would even kill half the population. (And if your going to say "BUT YOU COULD BE IN THAT HALF" well to be honest I DONT GIVE A F**K.

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  3. WTF are you doing begging government for your freedom?
    You DO NOT ASK government for permission__government asks YOU for permission.

  4. Propaganda and brainwashing are done through repetition. The phrase "new normal" is being shoved in our faces everywhere we go.

  5. Relying on the W.H.O. has proven unreliable.

  6. How do I get a hold of the irs?????

  7. When usa today newspaper goes out of business. Lol.💩

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