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'He's Not Over This': Chuck Todd Breaks Down Trump's Remarks On His Acquittal | NBC News

NBC’s Cuck Todd walks through what President Trump discussed and was highlighting during his remarks after his impeachment acquittal.
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‘He’s Not Over This’: Chuck Todd Breaks Down Trump’s Remarks On His Acquittal | NBC News


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  1. They don't care! The Republican party is more like a satanic cult

  2. What do they mean Donald Trump hasn't learned his lesson? Senators like Lamar Alexander, Susan Collins, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, etc…THEY have not learned their lesson. Donald Trump is incorrigible! He is like the scorpion that bit the turtle he rode on to cross the river after promising not to bite him, "hey, I AM a scorpion. This is my nature!" Republican senators pretending to be revulsed by Donald Trump and pretending to believe they can reform him are gullible. That is their nature.

  3. There's little doubt that Trump will be reelected. What the radical socialist should be thinking about now is a plan to deal with the next two term Republican that will be elected after Trump. By that time there will be at least a 7 – 3 conservative majority on the Supreme Court, Federal law will dominate the sanctuary city concept, the southern border will be secure, deportations will be happening, media (both social and otherwise) will be forced to be accountable and America's education system well on its way to becoming apolitical with education replacing indoctrination. It will be most amusing to watch the Democratic Party become so unhinged during the next ten months they could become the biases for a network sitcom.

  4. It’s just senate trail. And it’s proofs trump is high criminal and felony. Lol.
    Trump believe he is innocent, his mind makes him more worse from now on.
    And in the end of day, he be failed by himself eventually.His behavior kills him.lol.
    It seems nothing changed now but He lost everything already. Hahahahaha hahahahaha lol.

  5. Looks as if he's already starting to go in all "authoritarian" on the citizens of New York State with regards to the driving license issue and to pull their trusted traveler (for those who have that) privileges. I would imagine that New York is part of the Real ID program and if so, illegal aliens will not have the documentation to get the gold star on the license. From that, I fail to see the issue except for Trump's revenge. Watch out other states when Trump pulls another one. I suspect that this issue will end up in the courts but since the Constitution is now on shaky ground even if it even really exists anymore is still the question. The Senate made it quite clear that they will do anything and everything to protect the Trump regime regardless.

  6. Trump is incapable of bringing the country together. Instead of healing the country he seeks vengeance. He doesn't care about helping all Americans, only the people who genuflect to him. Many Republicans said what Trump did was wrong, but they were too scared to do anything about it. America will be the final jury in November. Hopefully we have the guts of Romney to stand against our party when it is wrong. You don't have to agree with him politically, but he took his oath seriously and sees the danger of leaving Trump in the White House.

  7. He receive a MARK like Cain.

  8. He doesn't learn his lesson. He did it with Russia and then did it with Ukraine. Please

  9. Trump is a genius. I don’t even like him but I know that fact.

  10. It should say ,"CHUCK TODD HAS A BREAKDOWN"!!!! Partisan media puppet!!!! How 'bout dem apples!!!! TRUMP🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  11. Republicans are akin to the generals that followed Hitler. Look how that turned out. I will never vote republican again. Until the Democrat's screw it up. Just got to wait awhile.

  12. The truth will come out, and when it does hi hope that whoever needs to pay, pays dearly, and we all know that is not the president…
    No one feeds crow to the fake news networks like trump is able to do!

  13. Leadership is usually centred around one person Todd. But I'm sure that The President does listen to his advisers A government is not run by one person either.

  14. You guys give that weak victim playing narcissist too much credit and power. They d9nt fear him lol. What in the world he could have done them if they did all vote to kick him out? Really? Scare them as a private citizen? Wooow

  15. Keep talking smack. LMAO .. The best is yet to come.. Time to retire those old white people in the House.. Slave master Pelosi controlling her " girls" in KKK white robs. Looked like a bunch of KKK wives after a Grand Wizard funeral … Yep, their Grand Wizard Schiff got buried .

  16. Several that have been around stated in past The Don's worst fear is HUMILIATION. Been totally HUMILIATED. Apparently RNC pumped big donations in campaign banks of his supporters. TRUMP HAS BEEN VINDICTIVE ALL HIS LIFE.

  17. Eat It..You Will All Cry Again This Year! STOCK UP ON KLEENEX SNOWFLAKES!

  18. Trump, when is your admin going to investigate the IOWA Caucus app? I saw a spokesman for your Dept of Homeland Security who stated that they offered to audit the security of the Shadow Inc app weeks before the caucus, but the DNC denied them access to it. Four former Clinton Campaign staffers and a $42,000 donation from Mayor McCheat later, and McCheat announces his "victory" before the state even releases their own results. The Dems need a kick in the balls for election tampering, follow the evidence.

  19. The most blatant disregard for the Presidency ever. Might as well of been o.j. up there.

  20. TRUMP! It's your turn! Empty the SWAMP! Send those who fought against you to their REWARD! It's Your Privilege!


  22. When will this AshkenaziSwine crawl back under his rock…?

  23. I am 73 also. Trump need to be put on LOCKDOWN! JUST SAYING!

  24. I am so sick of Trump. Sooner or later he is going to go down like the Titanic and his mafia crime family is going down with him. Especially Lindsey low down dirty Graham and Moscow Mitch the evil demon McConnell.

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