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High School Senior Makes Epic 3-Point Shot With Help From Other Team | NBC Nightly News

South Dakota senior Gabe Smith loves playing basketball with his team more than anything. So when Gabe, who has Down syndrome, missed his first 3-point shot, the other team gave him a second chance.
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High School Senior Makes Epic 3-Point Shot With Help From Other Team | NBC Nightly News


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  1. That's the American Spirit that the U.S. president has done his best to destroy. We are at our best when we serve each other.

  2. its a feel good story,because of the kindness behind it.
    but at the smae time it leaves the bitter aftertaste of "getting that gold star for paticipation & pity" instead of really integrating him & treat him like everybody else!

  3. This is how the elite want all Americans to look like.

  4. This… is not news. And frankly that was a little disrespectful to the essence of the sport. It would have been a great accomplishment if that shot was earned.

  5. CLASSIC! When it makes you tear up, you know it doesn’t get any better!

  6. Dont help disabled people. I've learn my lesson on multiple occasions.

  7. That was just amazing
    We don't see things like this everyday

  8. Inez Qtaish get cold and hot , I believe I'm two faces and not my fault,. I see good in bad people and bad in good people, it's not about what color the skin is, I am not happy not being me, I keep trying to impress people and change my true identity , always trying to please others, I was willing to change because I thought , GOD wanted me to change, GOD don't want me to change, the devil do, I have to be myself, I am LOVE, I had to do what makes me happy and being myself don't make GOD love me less. GOD choose Inez Qtaish , GOD loves me, I'm not trying to please anybody else, people who can not accept me for me , to bad, I don't have to please nobody, I'm not here to please peolle anyway, I'm here to please GOD, I'm not looking for Love , I already Got Love , GOD is my Love .

  9. I don't understand why people think this is a nice gesture. They're not even attempting to guard him. Gabe has to know they're just giving him a free shot because he has Down Syndrome.

  10. It’s actually disrespectful to him, he missed the shot in a game. Instead of just treating him like every other player, you took away the nature of playing sports, we all win, and we all lose…..

  11. Wow humanity ❤️ above sport and competition 👍

  12. Who disliked this already? XD

  13. Gabe is such a sweet young man. The opposing teammate knows what true sportsmanship really means.

  14. kudos to the opposing player. gives me hope.

  15. People today give too much praise for mediocre things … This is why most kids are such worthless wimps. Praise should only be given when it's earned.

  16. in his hometown this is news………………………for the rest of the country it is fluff…………kids, pets, and their sports are not news

  17. That's how we need to treat each other instead of stepping on one another to get ahead.

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