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Highest cheerleading basket toss – Classics

Highest cheerleading basket toss - Classics

The base throwers were Derrick Turner, Carlos Condack, Blake Jahnke and Kenny La (all Australia). They tossed Natasha Tullipan (Australia). Her weight was 49.8 kg (109.79 lbs).

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The highest basket toss involved four bases tossing a flyer to a height of 5.50 m (18 ft) and was achieved by members of the Australian All Star Cheerleading Federation (Australia) on the set of a CCTV Guinness World Records special, in Beijing, China, on 3 September 2013.


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  1. I’ve thrown a basket toss higher than that

  2. That’s not fair at all. They had the the front spot tossing them up also, in our cheer team in only the bases and the back spot only holds the flyers waist until hey go up. This team was only guys except the flyer

  3. Cheetah’s opening basket 2018

  4. Carley manning was a lot higher

  5. Nah, I think the university of Kentucky has the highest basket

  6. Umm Cheetahs worlds 2018 the opening basket went wayyyyyyy higher!!!!

  7. Have they never seen TGLC baskets the ceiling where worlds is located is 30 feet tall TGLC baskets go past half the height to the ceiling making it around 18-25 feet😐

  8. I’m pretty sure I tossed a higher one at nationals last year lol

  9. nah carly's was higher

    but theyre aussie so idm haha

  10. Even my basket tosses are higher how do I apply

  11. Why not launch a midget into orbit

  12. Uhhh Carly Manning’s was higher

  13. Have they seen tglc baskets or Carly Manning’s

  14. Watch bring it on : fight to the finish 😂😂

  15. That was so low. Carly Mannings was higher

  16. guys, carly mannings wasn't recorded it was an estimate

  17. I prefer Acrobatic Gymnastics

  18. my ant had a higher one 😂 but congratulations

  19. Ok but wasn't Carly Manning's switch kick full kick full basket like at least 20 feet ???

  20. But I feel like Carly Manning's basket toss is higher than theirs cause she can do a kick-kick-full-kick-full.

  21. we were on the 64 row and they threw her up higher than our seats!!

  22. I have seen way more higher than that before at a college cheerleading competition!!

  23. Iook you tube adam belkharoev push finger okay American s

  24. იმხელაზე ააგდეს კურიერი ჩართო!

  25. Is there an age limit on sending an application?

  26. What if I throw a newborn? does that count?

  27. Lmao in the air as hit the dab with her legs 😂😂

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