Highlights: Tasmania v Victoria, Marsh One-Day Cup 2019

Teenager Will Sutherland’s fifty spared Victorian blushes as they were bowled out for 185. Tasmania were cruising thanks to Ben McDermott’s fine knock. Then, with Tassie needing 14 runs off 12 overs with six wickets in hand, all hell broke loose…


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  1. This is how u do suicide. Instead of rotating strike they were desperate to finish it quickly with boundaries. This is why cricket is unpredictable.

  2. I left bc I thought Tasmania win and then idk what happened

  3. Bonus point നോക്കി ..വെടിപ്പായിട്ട് മൂഞ്ചി 😂😂😂😂

  4. Ye kya chutiyappa he???😂😂😂

  5. What happened in the last min or so?

  6. Vics do it better! — And to CA, as Kerry Packer once said, 'i'm sick of seeing the bastmen's @rse's!' — Please get your camera setup together! — And stream the games on YouTube like you have done before, your CA website / servers are laggy, glitchy, jittery, and almost unwatchable!

  7. Who else is here from Facebook posts?

    Hello, mate!

  8. Can't beleive the game can turn this way

  9. Tasmania fumbled at the last….. I got very much excited as Victoria won at last somehow just like last BBL's final Melbourne Renegades won at the last the Victorian side wow…. I love Melbourne I love Victoria

  10. They were just throwing the wickets away.

  11. Its real match fixing I must say

  12. Oh God,.. while watching im still wondering how they lost 6 wickets in no time

  13. Tasmania got themselves out….Did Stevenson from Collingwood have money on this game??? That was labor partyish loss.

  14. Hahahahaha collapse like Indian economy 😂😂😂😂

  15. 5 run req 5 wik in hand…..then 2 run req,no wik in hand

  16. Wow because of game of cricket

  17. Ohh god…
    Cricket is so much good game…

  18. This is absolutely savage stuff from Tasmania.

  19. Amazing match
    I can't believe it

  20. Never seen this kind of match those played by both teams.truly amazing 😀😍

  21. i think thats and achievement.
    not everyone can collapse as hard as australia, india and england.
    i have been proved wrong.
    tasmania collapses worse than then all.
    i think its even worse than stars collapse in bbl finals ;0

  22. I stopped watching last night,when they needed just over 20 runs in more than 80 balls with 5 wickets in hand but after waking up to a post on this game with it being a spectacular one and Victoria winning it by 1 one run…had to comeback and watch the rest of it😅( still i don't agree with the last two decisions,seemed a bit harsh those two)

  23. Absolutely fixed match I got 100000 Dollars

  24. Highlights video very bad. Try like ECB England cricket highlights its awesome

  25. A great fixing by umpire & bating players 😍.. Great fixing match ever guys.. U r king of fixing Australia 😘😂

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