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Hold Up Gone Wrong | National Geographic

Hold Up Gone Wrong | National Geographic

When a group of escaped inmates hold up a gun store to secure money and weapons, the situation spirals out of control.
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Hold Up Gone Wrong | National Geographic

National Geographic

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  1. That's why if you're in the business of selling guns, you must be armed and ready to fight. It's really stupid not to be.

  2. That's not even what happen at the end. What happened was the cop car pulled up and Rivas approached it and tried to show the cop is fake security id and when his left arm reached down Rivas shot the left shoulder and the right and when he got to the side window the cop stunned him and Rivas fired 3 more shots.

  3. @Juntahh I agree with u

  4. @RinoaHatake Hawkins was killed.

  5. why did they shoot eachother?

  6. nice plan with the whole getting them all together like that

  7. @Xclann no they started shooting eachother

  8. great, 4:47 wasted, because someone forgot to tell us the rest of the story… in the words of some guy from SNL- "FIX IT" "FIX IT"

  9. umm what the hell happen. i couldnt see the ghost shooting them, this was the worst reenactment ever.

  10. I think imma try that

  11. they were shooting each other, because of panic. or some kind of nervous breakdown.

  12. Was it a SWAT Sniper or a Police Sniper in the end that was sniping them or something?

  13. so what the hell happened in the end?? Dadada!!

  14. this is confusing i couldnt tell which one was which

  15. This was entertaining, but I HATE teasers so screw you natgeo I'm gonna forget I saw this.

  16. WHY is National Geographic covering this? This seems more suitable to a COPS show and NOT the normally honorable National Geographic.

  17. @RinoaHatake i think he killed the cop. what a shame, he had a family.
    people are so selfish, they don't think about the cops' as a person. they have families and children to go home to

  18. dont they watch Cop show?? i mean if u gonna dress up like someone atleast get all the detail right …. im just sayin

  19. really smart guys* ..nexxt time be prepared idiots

  20. Was the cop ok? That's really the only one I care about in this type of situation. The workers were safe inside… right?

  21. @sunnymur20 Because they wanted guns.

    It was an Oshman's, so it was really a general sporting goods store.

  22. wish it was the whole video lol but on the side it says the 28th

  23. So they started killing each other in the end?

  24. lol of course it isnt but we have much more reason unlike the wild west so we would be even better but we can all agreed that keeping it this way will just worsen it theres going to be a day when police wont stand a chance aganist mad men like this remeber bad men are getting smarter and are even out smarting police we have to change the way we do this or were doomed lol

  25. The sad thing is you actually had to explain that… something which should be so obvious…

  26. same here brother… a dozen guys could come into my local gun store… after a couple years in 'nam I know that store owner wouldn't let anyone of them out alive. What gun store owner doesn't have a 45 ACP 1911 cocked and ready to go on his waist?

  27. Or, perhaps the criminals who held up the store at gunpoint were responsible. Reporting a crime is the right thing to do. Robbing people at gunpoint was where the mistake happened.

  28. @61667789 The bigger the gun, the smaller the penis. Shut the hell up and learn to use grammar.

  29. The Plan seemed good almost flawless. Till the bitch saw everything and called the cops. In a way she is responsible for the people that lost their life that night. They could all just walked out not hurt anyone and gone home.

  30. the more police a country has the less reasonable the people are once we become reasonable enough we wont need police i honestly dont know why their wasting their time making pointless laws when they could be teaching others to defend themselves

  31. That's why you don't break the law, assholes. I hope the ones who survived are being raped in prison daily. I don't know if the cop survived or not, but if he didn't, that's a fucking shame. Terrible.

  32. that was actually my dad i am pissed at him!

  33. thats why you dont team with fucking morons

  34. that wasn't confusing…lol

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