Hollywood isn’t connecting with America, ‘An Open Secret’ producer says

‘An Open Secret’ producer Gabe Hoffman on politics at the Oscars and best-picture winner ‘The Shape of Water.’


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  1. Even the live theater world is contaminated, especially the big name productions. Equity blackballed me, for something I didn’t do. But if people like that castigate me, I actually find that to be a good thing.

  2. Yup is a lot of shows I won't watch now with certain actors are talk show host Come up they should stay away from politics all they did as ruin Their reputations

  3. I hate hollywood. What's amusing is that in 2008 Harvey Weinstein said that Hollywood has the best moral compass. LOL isn't that hilarious?

  4. Same with Bollywood. While Hollywood is leftist. Bollywood is Islamist. These guys are going down.

  5. Hollywood wont connect with America there's no money in the truth, they want money that's it… all about the profits

  6. Napoleon Bonaparte saying is more true than ever ….. when your enemies are making a mistake never interrupt them!

  7. A bunch of junkies and expensive whores trying to preach. Really funny.

  8. I have a list of famous names that if they even mention politics I will write their name down and boycott by not watching or paying or anything to do with them. My list is quite large and it's a reminder of how petty and small these unimportant humans are. Until they stop mentioning politics I will not watch, listen, pay etc.

  9. Pretend people. That is what Hollywood is about

  10. Maybe people aren't sick of the politics. Maybe they're sick of the elitism eg Weinstein.

    Don't confuse movie ratings with Oscar ratings.

  11. Fast forward 1 year and Kanye West and snoop dog are Christians 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
    Sorry Hollywood totally figured out how to connect to everyone. Sell Jesus and dumb Christians will fall in line and worship at the feet of Hollywood….

    God bless America 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  12. Donald Trump does not have to inform that good-for-nothing son-of-a-bitchin Obama he's a worthless human being your treats our country like she was worthless he needs to be taken out mom with the rest of them

  13. Who cares about the Hollywood trash

  14. Everything is cliche.The best it can do is promote a different approach to identity politics to expand the market , or simply maintain an interest in movies.

  15. No one cares what Hollywood Hypocrites have to say about anything or their agenda pushing TV Shows and Movies.

  16. People still watch that and or go to it.

  17. Hollywood has enough money – they don't need any help they need to give to Chicago and Baltimore to help them….please…..

  18. Why in the hell do you people even Buy the Hollywood garbage?

  19. I have stopped watching the oscars, emmys and grammys already

  20. The left is going down be sure of that, Hollywood is just like the lefties tiny group that shouts out a lot, bu we are so many more milons, i dont even care about Hollywood enymore i used to love all of it…

  21. American citizens are what's wrong with Hollywood. Corrupt immoral perverted degenerate. 1 million less kids in each generation, that's something to be proud about.

  22. All you need to do to be a star is screw everybody in sight and sooner or later you'll get an STD and a job

  23. Hollywood celebrities are regular people who are in many cases screwed their way on stage and now they're going to tell me about right and wrong. You got to be kidding me

  24. Only actor i like is chris pratt

  25. actually don't bother with anything starring awful streep and Robert de moron – – I never saw that coming.

  26. Just take a long, hard, but not 2 hard-a-look, @ wtf that school of piranha witch bitches did 2, MF'n Bruiced Jennertals.
    MF'n Man Meat Eaters

  27. Of course the pedophiles do not like movies about child abuse…

  28. Hollywood has put out non stop garbage for as long as i can remember. only difference is now they push nonsense politics and 3rd wave feminist privelage. keep your garbage ideologies and lame heavily censored agenda pushing "entertainment" , i'm not desperate enough to watch sewage.

  29. Why does every movie now have to have Lesbinsm or Homosexuality in it .Im not watching any more movies .

  30. What tickles me is how Hollywood is trying to tell us how to behave while they are being exposed for bribing people to make it look like their kids are smart! Why didn’t they stay away from parties and make their kids study?

  31. Hey Hollywood how many fingers am I holding up!

  32. How about that huge effing sneeze at 2:40? Do you have a cough button on your sound gear or maybe someone who could edit before posting, bro?

  33. Pretentious millionaires and billionaires telling me how to live my life while I struggle with rent and tuition fees, they truly understand my struggles

  34. Schumer You have no room to get off on the Best President this country has ever had. If we put every person on the Dems that is crooked you would have very little Dems left. I'm so upset with the do nothing Dems. We could pass the
    USMCA but because you don't want to give this Best US. President TRUMP ever, a Victory because you are a head case. Yes
    Speaker Polosi I am talking about
    You. Come on Dems please work with the Republicans and our President and get back to your real

  35. Michael Medved once quipped that Hollyweird doesn't necessarily produce movies for the generic population, the directors often produce them to astound one another – makes some sense.

  36. Programs programing the programable.

  37. Hollywood does not care what the people want they think they are above the masses I dont go to movies anymore

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