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Hong Kong protester shot in the chest by police during clashes

A Hong Kong pro-democracy protester has been shot in the chest after a police officer opened fire during clashes on Tuesday, as China celebrated the 70th anniversary of the communist-led government in Beijing.
The incident was the first time a protester has been shot, in an escalation of the months-long unrest that has rocked the city.
It has been reported that the 18-year-old protester was in critical condition and undergoing emergency surgery at a hospital.
A video of the incident, shot by the City University Student Union and shared on social media, showed a dozen black-clad protesters hurling objects at a group of riot police pursuing them. Television channels also showed footage of the incident.

Al Jazeera’s Adrian Brown reports from Hong Kong.

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  1. This puppet media is still calling these people protesters? Wow, just wow.

  2. I love all these pfp-lacking chinese shills defending their supreme overlords

  3. 外国佬睁眼说瞎话我都听腻了

  4. 20+ attack 2 police if me i will shot too

  5. This type of rubbish shot die early.. dangerous if this creature grow older, the brain already thinking of rebel and protest

  6. Subway stations closed for transporting police to kill protesters cuz they can’t go home. Accomplice is now public enemy! Freedom fighters are heroes 🙂

  7. 呢D就叫做報應囉,多行不義必自斃。

  8. Stepping on the rails to stop a train.
    That's what the HK rioters are doing.
    The ones celebrating the 70 years chose
    the best for themselves. Stay calm and peaceful.
    The HK police has been too lenient for too long a time.
    In other countries the police is acting immediately against people rioting, like in Iraq and Ecuador.

  9. shame on you which posted scuh disgusting post-editing video

  10. If the rioters throw rocks, bricks, iron bar, molotov gasoline bombs at point blank range to US police in any state, I think they will surely be shot with a barrage of bullets…. not just one.

  11. WELL DONE HKG POLICE 👮‍♂️👮‍♂️👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  12. four months riot with one wounded ? see what happens in USA

  13. Support HK Police ….,

    You are doing the right things

  14. Should have shot him in the head. Scum.

  15. It was a shot near left shoulder, and the 18 year old protester is NOT dying. Why not do research and then make a video?

  16. Prosperity + communism= syntax error

  17. Should have pump that shotty up that's your first warning. Then shot them in the right between the eyes in that soff spot with pink mist flying out the back..

  18. Trump and the CIA are directly responsible for what’s going on In Hong Kong and should be punished

  19. Good job police! Should have shoot the terrorists much earlier!

  20. He is holding a blunt object. I hope The People get what they want. However rioting does not seem to be very effective.

  21. This is death by suicide. The young adult made that decision. He is lucky he is in ICU

  22. The attack on the police is very common. It is all the same in that country. There is no need to make a fuss.

  23. Western media must convest the people to not prostast violently

  24. Watch it in slo-motion!…. I think a forensic audit needs to be conducted because there are many reports (Blow by Blow) and they seem inaccurate to me! If you go back far enough to into the video at the beginning, the policeman, with pistol drawn is chasing a protestor who skirts around the corner of the building. Presuming he lost his quarry he veered left and went after the first protestor he came across, again, pistol drawn. His forward charge put him right in the boys face with his gun just inches away from the boy! The boy did what anyone would have done..he tried to strike the gun or the policeman’s arm holding the gun. He missed going underneath the arm and only hitting the shirt sleeve! The policeman arm did NOT move from the attempted blow!.the policeman had a shotgun with less lethal ammunition in his left hand but did not raise it! Instead, he choose to fire at point blank range with a deadly weapon. The other police immediately pushed him back out of the way against a storefront window to prevent him from shooting again. The big kid who came in to help was pistol whipped to the ground for trying to help~ indeed, there is cause for an investigation into the actions of the police!

  25. what happen if same thing occurs in qatar?

  26. Nice shot, next time shoot him twice

  27. You shot a student, you bastards.

  28. why not focus on the topic on the title? why not show complete.videos from different angles?
    you dont want your viewers to agree with the officer's decission for.shooting people?

  29. Put reverse situation; would you shoot the attacker? If dont want to get shot then stay at home.

  30. Different kind of comments… Who's to blamed? Who's the author of this unrest in Hong Kong? Is it the students hk young generations? The young generation of HK only want is true democracy they have freedom to choose a better way of life. You have freedom to apply your faith in God.
    The HK government forces the police department how they defend theirself is over using their authority just shoot, use tear gas, use their guns to shoot this defenseless young people of HK. Where is the love and compassion of the government of HK to their people? A government using over deadly force to kill to destroy the lives of this defenseless people of HK is a dictatorial law government. This HK police what are doing now is totally inhumane

  31. Protesters protected by police force would be smart. Same as comments support police force.

  32. Act now HongKong! I support you. Governments should serve its citizens, not the other way around.

  33. You break the law and you will get punished

  34. That boy is no pro-democracy protestor. He is a vandal. The shot was a reality check. Serves him right.

  35. If Americans had ball's they would of went after the banker's that Obama protected and rewarded them with a get out of jail card and billions of tax dollars. Then he removed all our constitutional Rights behind closed doors. Next Obama leased our US military to Saudi Arabia to fight and die to every last American. Then Obama leased our military to Israel to fight in their private war. And all of Congress was apart of it. Our American soldier's dying for the private wars of the wealthy. Americans are afraid of their government

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