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Hong Kong protests spark up after ‘relatively quiet’ few weeks

Former China Central Television anchor Phil Yim discusses the continuing Hong Kong protests.

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  1. 중국 제제강화해야~국민을개패듯

  2. Let hong kong citizens come here! Lefties want illegal immigrants swarming in to vote for them, lets swarm america with chinese-american citizens!

  3. The people of Hong Kong have a lot in common with the American colonial revolutionaries of the eighteenth century. Hong Kong, as a British protectorate, enjoyed the greatest freedom in the world. When Britain pulled out, China immediately began their step-by-step process of imposing tyranny. Unfortunately, Britain failed Hong Kong because it failed to protect the most important right of the people: the right to keep and bear arms. I am not optimistic the people of Hong Kong will be able to preserve their liberty much longer.

  4. Hong Kong police are steadfast.

  5. Demands? Don't be stupid. Any "demand" is just an excuse to riot. These so-called demands are moving targets. The country pulling the strings from behind just want to keep on pushing until China (PLA) moves into HK to help to crack down these rioters/thugs. At the time, that country will be able to say "You see, One-Country-Two-Systems is not working!".
    Why is this "country doing this? One and only one reason: China is rising and slowly and peacefully taking over the place of this country, both economically and politically, and this country is unable to compete is a fair manner so this country just has to cheat by bending the rules. It is like in a Marathon race, when the runner-up sees his chance of catching up with the first place runner, he decides to use immoral tactics such as grabbing the first place runner's legs from behind. Demands? Don't be naive, okay?

  6. NEVER GIVE UP!!!!!!!!! Live free or die, my brothers and sisters. Sending you love and courage and strength!! ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  7. Those poor people need to become a state of America

  8. What this ignorant stupid greedy world and stop dealing with evil China. Go hk

  9. IMO, the protesters and rioters are becoming more arrogant and lawless simply because they have the support from US, UK & Europe….. but please don't forget that HK is still run under the British common law, ordinances and customary practices (previously in force in the British colony)…. rioters were arrested and defended by lawyers proficient in English laws and were tried in court by judges who firmly uphold British principles of judiciary independence.
    During war time, there's still a truce for Christmas…..whereas, our HK protesters and rioters deemed fit and appropriate to continue their riotous acts of disruption and destruction …. they don't respect the freedom and rights of their fellow residents to enjoy a peaceful and joyful Christmas …….. this is not democracy ……. it is mobocracy!!

  10. New year's eve? This reporter must be smoking pot…

  11. Awww yeah, season 2 of the Hong Kong Revolution is about to start, boys! Get yer popcorn ready! 😍🍿

  12. Hong Kong is very unfortunate to have useless chief executive. She is a shameless loser together with her party who lost in recent election

  13. Trump is a joke! Let’s focus on get rid of him~

  14. Man that protest is still going on don't those guys get tried.

  15. 非法政權, 林鄭月娥所有政策 / 條例 , 港人將重新審查  .
    巿井流民技兩 , 無中生有, 捩橫折曲, 鎖埋這班中聯辦 , 港澳辦 – 成班蒸生瓜, 禍港災星 ! 
    唉 … 陰公囉 , 鄭若驊 ( 律政司 ) 給中央夾回港 . 塞班垃圾公僕給港人歎 ! 瘀盡法學界 .
    (鄭若驊, 普通跌傷要一年半載不回港 … 大聲 .. 大聲與港同行 ! ) .
    銀行按揭事件, 香港人一定追究 .
    又一實証, 有事我走先, 這就是大陸支持的 " 愛國愛港 " . 沒有一點貢獻, 祇有貪 ! 數年時間祇做這些 … 貪官去了哪 ? 交還貪腐資產 . 2019-11-09- 張曉明又狂卸膊, 你不是剛來港, 怎會不知貪腐弄至香港大亂 .  
    貪腐不提不報, 一鍋粥, (中聯辦 , 港澳辦 支持香港貪腐橫行, 有否策劃今次的
    香港大亂 ? ) 13 億的叛徒 ! 香港人要另立新政府 ! << 廉潔香港, 才有生機 >>  中國副總理韓正大聲 ..大聲 支持林鄭月娥班貪官打殘香港, 沒能力掌管香港事務,
    就套用.. 知而不理 .. 的最最最差管理學 ? 亂翕大讚求求其其說支持 ! 喂 … 香港大亂, 巿民被打被傷受冤受害, 林鄭月娥功德在何處 ? 大示威 … 應是1997年回歸時出現, 何解在 2014 和 2019 年發生 ?
    香港人支持中國 , 但回歸22年, 治理香港就是這班貪官/籐瓜族 , 弄至香港貪腐橫行 ,  無法無天 ! " 止暴制亂 " , 真搞笑 — 神又係貪官, 鬼又係貪官, 大搞特搞, 保貪權 !
    數年一鑊搞屎搞棍亂香港 , 2014 佔中後, 梁振英/籐瓜族 – 貪腐更上一層,
    目無法紀 , 億億聲 … 大貪特貪 . 大陸支持的反骨仔 <林鄭月娥,曾任權,梁振英,董建華 …民建聯 , 工聯會, 愛國愛港 輩>
    齊齊搵食 …弄至香港瓣瓣死 , 民生死 … 教育死 … 經濟死 … 法制死 ! 不能維護香港,中聯辦 , 港澳辦 ,不能維護香港,完全違背國策, 鄧小平老先生對港人承諾 !
    香港人要緝拿中聯辦 , 港澳辦 , 張曉明, 王志文弄致香港大亂 . 香港新一代不能再被打殘 ! < 香港人一定要支持埋身肉搏打香港貪官 >2017 年 香港行政長官選舉 – 公認合法侯選人: 黃文康  (simon wong)香港人要公審貪腐工程, 貪官/籐瓜族 – 自定超高建造費 << 瓜分香港公帑 >> .
    香港人 要向中央追回 << 萬億 >> 貪腐基建公帑 …
    瑞士 全球最長/最深的鐵路隧道 – 16 億 (1 公里) …
    香港 將軍澳 – 藍田隧道 3.8公里 , 造價 151 億      – 39 億 (1 公里) …

  16. Those terrorists just want to ruin people's holiday because they don't have life. HONG KONG IS ANTIFA

  17. China must be stopped. we need to stand together against the communist party of china. do whatever you can.

  18. I'm sure that you have forgotten why these protests in Hong Kong have been started…

  19. Trump would rather rule in hell than serve in heaven.
    Proverbs 6.12-19
    That's his comfort zone.

  20. Its New Years eve in hong kong?

  21. Looks more like riots than protests.

  22. Praying for the People of Hong Kong- let FREEDOM RULE!

  23. These things are going on all over the world, people are getting tired of the status quo the 1%ers hogging all the resources and every body else left with an empty sack. This will be coming to the US if things continue like they are much longer. People in the US are getting tired of not have enough money to pay their bills even though they are working two and three jobs, all it takes is something like gasoline prices going up to tip this thing into no mans land. CRASH. CHAOS. RIOTS.

  24. Run a fast n' furious to Hong Kong.

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