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Horowitz says Dems haven’t asked him to testify on Comey, FISA abuse

Congressman Louie Gohmert (R-TX) weighs in on justice investigations.

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  1. You were on questioning with Howdy and Chaeftz in 2018??? LIED AS WELL

  2. Here, we have a dishonest right-wing nutjob being interviewed by a lying right-wing conspiracy monger. What could go wrong? Shame on you if you are fooled by these snake oil salesmen. Take a course in critical thinking.

  3. There is no justice, no one will be held accountable for anything!!! Government is corrupt and it sure seems like both parties are bad.


  5. "The entire hearing was a political sham in which Democrats engaged in what can only be described as legislative masturbation.   It was a continuation of their unbroken string of failed attempts to sell the same old snake oil in a  new bottle.
    So … while hundreds of thousands of migrants are illegally entering the country, tens of thousands of Americans are dying of opioid overdoses, gun legislation languishes, the Inspector General is investigating potential misconduct by the highest intelligence and law enforcement officials and Iran is ramping up its aggression against the civilized world, Nadler is the deer in the headlight of the @ Resistance Movement."

  6. I think it's mutual. The IG and Nadler seem to be in tandem about testifying. What a crock….

  7. Write an affidavit and send to Barr to use. Have it witnessed by an attorney.

  8. Republicans control the Senate. Why not ask him to testify in the Senate?

  9. No more testimonies the house of circus lost and move on. Executive order to stop rudiculous use of American money

  10. Double standards! Justice is broken in this country

  11. of course not,they don't want the truth,just enough to bash trump.they r such frauds and should be ousted from Congress for deraliction of duty


  13. Nothing will happen to these people. Both sides are criminals against us Americans.

  14. Do you think everybody's opinion is being hidden from View my YouTube?

  15. Durham unfortunately is our last hope

  16. Devon should have given the skiff time to Matt gaetz at least he's got the balls to fight for America and Justice

  17. I really like Devin Nunes I think he is a true American I think he's thinking twice about the decision he made and allowing Trey Gowdy to view the report inside the skiff, I think Trey Gowdy's excuse that he wants to get back into the court system is bull crap

  18. If Barr doesn't prosecute these criminals then he is an accomplice to the criminal activity. That will be the proof that the privlegded class lives above us. They only suffer the bad news with no jail time. The prison system is for us not them. Talmudic Law is what we live under. We are ruled by the arbitrary rules of men not the rule of Law.

  19. but they were caught rubber stamping it ! hahahahaha!

  20. first HRC now Comey and not a word said I think people should look at both sides,,,,,,,,,, this Government is very unfair and Trump better convict someone for there wrongs AT LEAST ONE !

  21. Well, its because Democrats are hiding something.

  22. Months into William Barr’s tenure and we still don’t have any indictments of a single “Spygate” suspect — not James Comey, Andrew McCabe, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, Sally Yates, Bruce Ohr, Glenn Simpson, Christopher Steele, or even Hillary Clinton.
    Not one….!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BARR IS THE POSTER FAT BOY FOR TRAITOR OF THE YEAR…!!!

  23. Who fen cares anymore it's ok hes a Democrat nothing will ever happen let's just rip off the bandaid give me our guns open the borders so sick of talking an talking let's do this before I'm to old to fight back

  24. Gees, I wonder why dem's don't want to question the IG? What's the big deal?

  25. Universal basic income or a freedom dividend has been requested in assistance as well for the u.s. citizens but it has not touched congress tables its so unfair we've been fighting for this for americans holdiays for years. Its like all were hearing of misconduct swear 9/11s tears will keep on sheding but only america is destroying itseelf from the inside left un-guided, un-protected, un-aided properly lets not gettm into details to deep but we all know as a people edges of cost are one major, and I do not see how its years democrats, and republicans sit here waiting for such a thing requested havent seen a family get together as such in forever lets just hope it prospers through the way of congress.

  26. 3 years Zero Arrested for Sedition
    3 years Zero Arrested for TREASON
    24/7 LIES from MSM
    A Real Leader would have all Traitors in Leg irons at gitmo
    Awaiting EXECUTION

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