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Horror Show Medical Bills That SCREAM Medicare For All

Horror Show Medical Bills That SCREAM Medicare For All

What is your most absurd medical bill? Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. MORE TYT: https://tyt.com/trial

Read more here: https://www.forbes.com/sites/brucelee/2019/09/17/bernie-sanders-what-was-your-most-absurd-medical-bill-here-is-the-response/#2c80493f1696

“Senator (I-Vermont) and Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders recently posed the following question to the Twittersphere: What’s the most absurd medical bill you have ever received?”*

Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian


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  1. Imagine if the US invested in medical care, education & housing instead of increasing defence budget every year. Investing hard earn tax dollars on the people.
    Then people could aford to consume stimulatinhg the ecconomy. Try trickle up economics.

  2. I have Aetna and I literally hate it.

  3. Private insurance stinks. I had to have cataract surgery. Over 3000 dollars was put on my credit card. I paid most of it

  4. Medicare ,as it is now, covers 80 percent, patient pays 20 percent providing the deductible is met for the year. To cover the 20 percent , people get a supplement.

  5. Your system is bizarre.

    It would cost less in taxes to have an NHS, based on what your government schemes already cost.

    If you have a medical emergency, you have to be able to contact your insurer who will then see if they can invalidate your policy, then make you pay a couple of grand before they pay a penny.

    Then you get charged a grand for the ambulance, you're charged for being in hospital, charged for tests, charged for a drink of water and someone even got charged 100 quid for use of a teddy bear for their child.

    And you're effectively paying for healthcare twice. Once via taxes to pay for government schemes that cost more than the entire NHS because you get billed for anything and everything at insane markups, and again for private insurance.

    And we're paying for your healthcare system as well because americans are coming to the UK for healthcare so our government has had to clamp down on Healthcare Tourists.

  6. As a healthcare practitioner this shit makes me sick. Bunch of deplorables.

  7. It is Unpatriotic for Insurance companies and CEOs to overprice Health Insurance and cheat Americans out of Healthcare.

  8. I'm in the UK, I had a pilonidal sinus that required diagnosis, surgery with general anaesthetic, a lengthy recovery period with weeks of specific after care and follow up appointments. In exchange for this, I waited a few weeks for the operation and I paid my taxes.

  9. 5:25 is basically privatised healthcare in a nutshell.

    Will you pay or die? You paid but can't prove it? Then you die. Can't afford it? Just die already, and I'll charge your next of kin for me having watched it happen.

  10. 9000 dollars for my ct scan and diagnostics 400 for specialisy doctor consultation. 300 for normal doctor. 500 dollars for one day stay.

    They found nothing. I went to my normal doctor he asked me to get an ultrasound for 40 bucks somewhere. They found i have free floating stones

  11. I filed my first bankruptcy at 19. I honestly had no idea at the time how messed up or society was because I was just a kid. Thankfully some years later Obamacare came into effect which slowed down the rate I would have to file bankruptcies. I could finally make it the full 7 years to file again without getting sued! I have a lifelong condition so it will never end. Because of this I have to pay maximum interest on any car loan, if I could even get one and I will NEVER have the credit to buy a home for my wife and 3 kids, that's a pipe dream.

  12. 8 years of a corporate democrat to move the USA one foot forward. 8 years of war mongering, religious dipshit of a republican to move the country a football field backwards. Pelosi, Schumer, McConnell & Trump. You elected these do nothing millionaires & you deserve your misery.

  13. What's even more disgusting, is I heard this argument from my father-in-law who is a die-hard Republican: they're all talking about free healthcare, socialism, and socialized medicine but consider that people come from out of the country to have their surgeries in the United States. If our health care system is so screwed up I wonder why that is?

  14. An ambulance ride alone: $300…

  15. I used to be a social worker and all my clients were on Medicaid or Medicare. Once a client desperately needed a surgery but the doctors wouldn't approve it because he had dental issues that could cause an infection. Because he wasn't covered regarding dental care, besides having teeth pulled, this 59 year old man had to have all of his teeth pulled in one sitting in order to be approved for the surgery he needed. Many of my clients ended up having to have all of their teeth pulled for similar reasons like having a cavities, but being unable to pay to have them filled. Not to mention once the teeth are pulled, Medicaid/Medicare don't pay for dentures.

  16. The first fire fighting teams in the 1800s would have to be paid before they put the fire out .

  17. Medical Insurance companies control the american health care industry.

  18. We need mass organizing like in the 60s, to many lifes are beeing destroyed. This is insane.

  19. I am so glad I live in Australia, where my wife's brain tumor surgery, and the 10 and counting MRIs, has so far cost us AU$7.50 (less then US$5.00) and that was just for some of the drugs that were not 100% covered by Medicare. WAKE UP AMERICA, come join the rest of the developed world, Medicare for all may not be perfect, but it sure beats the crap you guys are dying with

  20. So true what Ana said about what's done with public education being what would happen if we had the public option, this is what's happening in the UK with NHS. The Tories cannot wait to get rid of the NHS so they keep defunding it and helping private jacked up practices.

  21. I just had an emergency hernia operation here in Canada and never saw a bill for anything. I sent 5 days in the hospital and was given first class treatment 3 meals a week free wi fi and cable TV. I could never afford healthcare in the USA. I would never ever want anything to do with a USA style healthcare ststem. The fact that over 40000 oeople died in the USA a few years ago because they could not afford healthcare insurance is barbaric. Im middle class never been out of work for more than a month but gave had melanoma which is concidered a pre existing condition which puts healthcare insurance out of reach for people like me in the USA. Between healthcare and the ridiculous gun laws the USA has I would bever ever want to live there.
    Give me Canadian healthcare insurance that allows me to pick my own doctor and leaves me no bills after treatment anyday of the year.

  22. My 20 year old daughter just got out of the hospital from a collapsed lung (she believed it when told vaping was safer than smoking) and is now in debt for the next (at least) 10 years of her life.

  23. So Bernie claims people can go to any doctor they want and any hospital they want under Medicare For All? Doesn't that sound like something we heard back in 2008? Pure pandering! The reality would be many doctors would wind up shutting down their practices due to the much lower reimbursements they would receive from Medicare. Which will trickle down to the people with longer waits for doctors and operations, quality of care decreasing, and much higher taxes. Why do you think so many in Canada and Europe travel to America for procedures?

  24. I'm originally from Lithuania (now I live in the UK). My mom still lives in Lithuania, in the past 4 months she was hospitalized twice (stayed in the hospital over 3 weeks in total), had a surgery where two of her toes were removed, was diagnosed with diabetes and a bunch of other health issues. Insurance there is free if you're employed or covered by the government if you're unemployed but registered with the job centre. People who are self employed have to pay 34 euros (37.45 dollars) a month for health insurance. I also had some heart issues when I was a teen, I was hospitalized for a few weeks as a consequence and then had to spend a month is the rehabilitation clinic (it's like a resort where each day you get all sorts of therapy treatments like mineral baths etc.). All this was free of charge…

  25. Ok I can't believe I'm saying this as a libertarian but here goes. I believe that Elizabeth Warren will be the next president of the U.S.A. ok progressives you are gonna have 2 years to get something big done 1 big thing for Obama it was universal health care aka Obama care. In 2022 republicans will take the house back like in 2010 and you won't get anything done after that so my advice do medicare for all and for goodness sacks do not touch guns or nothing will get done at all.

  26. My daughter was in icu with pancreatitis and in excruciating pain. A clerk came into the room and told her if she could pay $4000 right now that would be the total bill. She said piss off i feel like im dying and youre here squeezing me.

  27. Nah, Americans don't deserve first world infrastructure, healthcare or education. It's time for American hegemony to come a swift and painful end. America deserves to rot in the dust behind everyone else. Remember, you elected Trump, Americans are by far the most easily manipulated cretins this world has ever seen, with only the inbred genetic disasters of the UK coming close. Any effort to catch you up to the rest of the developed world is wasted, period.

  28. M4A is my main issue, too.
    And it sounds like hospitals, not just insurance, are part of this problem, too.

  29. In 2002 I got a back surgery spinal canal, I had insurance , the bill was 45000$ the deductible was about 4000$ I had to pay, I am from Germany and have health care there I send in the bill 4000$, I got 3500$ back from Germany because the whole bill for the same operation cost for 3 weeks hospital and recovery 4500$ so the bill over 45000$ her in the US .wtf is wrong her. Now I have to day a US health care plan, and I can't go to the Doctor because the deductible are so high that even I get some money back from Germany the rest I never can pay back .I am now 17 years without a doctor visit , and I am sick if I die my wife has no money to pay it off she is still paying on the student loan . I hopey English is good enough !!

  30. 19 surgeries and a dozen other hospitalizations including the icu in the last 10 years. My biggest expense was the $40 I paid for an in room tv so I could watch play off hockey. Before someone says it, I am disabled so my income isn’t taxed. I paid into our medical for years before I got sick, paying taxes so others could get medical care, now others are paying for me

  31. EMTALA is a United States Federal Law that requires Hospital emergency departments to medically screen every patient who seeks emergency care and to stabilize or transfer those with medical emergencies, regardless of health insurance status or ability to pay. This Law has been an unfunded mandate since it was enacted in 1986.

  32. Price fixing by hospitals is also a prob!

  33. "The government ruined our healthcare! WE NEED MORE GOVERNMENT!"

  34. I have a newly diagnosed auto-immune disease. Went to a local specialist (1/5 in my local metro area) who stated that they were in network, and confirmed online the physician accepted my insurance. Had my visit, no copay (met my deductible before June due to health issues), had labwork, made a follow up. Took 2 months to get a follow up with this physician, and 6 days before my apt I get a bill – physician out of network cost for previous 1 hour visit = $250 (insurance covered 50%). Spoke to the insurance, turns out the facility is in network but the physician working there was not. Labwork covered 100%, physician visit (out of network) 50% covered. I'll need to see these MDs every 3-4 months for the rest of my life…. it makes you want to quit on healthcare it really does. It's so disheartening, frustrating, and sad. The only thing I could think of too is that I'm still in my late 20s, what happens to a poor 70/80/90 year old who doesn't understand how to "maneuver through the system"? Disgusting.

  35. I have had 2 brain surgeries (6 days in hosp)', 2 hernia surgeries, tonsillectomy, my sternum fixed (8 days in hosp) 2 seizures in the past 10 months so visits to ER, multiple broken fingers ( all of them in my life) and a bunch of stitches and the like. I have paid iut zero dolk3ars for the treatments. You are the only country who does this to its people. THE ONLY ONE.

  36. If you make more than 1 million a year or more, no medicare for you

  37. I went to a doctor in Ireland with abdominal pain. She sent me to the hospital for a blood test, which alarmed them so much they wouldn't let me leave. Five days later, after an ultrasound, an MRI, keyhole surgery, five consultations with a frankly amazing surgeon, fifteen meals, and five bed linen changes, I confided to a nurse that I was panicking about the cost of it all, as I had no insurance.

    He told me the cost was €80 a day for the first four days, and there was no further charge no matter how long I stayed or what procedures were needed. As he walked away he said, "Don't worry; this isn't America."

  38. also another thing least in Australia we don't worry about setting up a go fund me page if I get hurt from another party

  39. This situation is so ridiculous that it could only happen in a country that would make Trump President. I'm not saying it's his fault, just that both situations require the same lack of consideration.

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