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Hot Wheels ID Hands-On

Hot Wheels ID Hands-On

We take a first look at Hot Wheels iD.

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  1. good concept, I just dont think it will catch on
    what hot wheels should do is revive stuff like Acceleracers and make new castings and integrate them into apps/shows, if they want to pursue this NFC tech tbh

  2. Damn, Naudus's breasts are more interesting and hotter than the cars!

  3. At the cost of $7.00 per car, I'd rather spend the money on a high quality, high detailed, diecast from M2 Machines, GreenLight, or Autoworld. Hot Wheels are the most poorest, low quality diecasts on the market.

  4. Can't wait to hear about people buying these cars, swapping out the NFC bases with regular bases, and returning the car to get their money back. And use the NFC base on the $1 mainline version of the car. I know I would do that. And the clerks at Walmart are too dumb to check any returns.

  5. Just wait until Mattel puts Real Riders on 'em. The idiot collectors will go ape shit over them.

  6. Just another product for POS scalpers and hoarders who have NO LIFE to camp out at Walmarts and raid the pegs for.

  7. It's Mattel copying Nintendo's Amiibos, but with cars.

  8. Meh! GARBAGE! If I want to tweak stats on a virtual car, I'll play a PC racing sim. If I want to play auto stunt video games, there are tons of apps available to do that on mobile for FREE.

  9. Is it forn Apple phones and not android? I have a Samsung note 9 and dont see the app

  10. This is really cool, am looking for it to go on sale soon to the public because I want one

  11. There will be more cars coming such as a Ford Escort, Camaro etc

  12. The thing is most little girls don't have a big collection of Hot Wheels, so what is this woman even talking about?

  13. This is just data mining under the guise of fun. You pay for expensive "toys" and once you download and sign into the app, then you've relinquished a significant amount of data. All so you can spin a car on a predesignated design. Break the toy out in another 10 years for nostalgic sake, and find the app either gone, or outdated for whatever device you have then.

  14. This weird hybrid doesn't make much sense to me. It will be another commercial failure for Mattel.

  15. Nerdier? Come on engadget that wasn't needed..

  16. She's not reviewing, she's acting. Highly doubt she was ever into Hot Wheels.

  17. last thing I ever did was think this is my fastest hot wheels …. the cars were made to beat on … stunts and crashes .. and sometimes worth chucking at my brothers head …

  18. I find it sad that you have to have a phone. I mean when I was a kid I didnt use a phone to play in the real world bow 10year olds will play with phones all that

  19. Kids should more use their imagination instead of using tech to do that for them 😌

  20. Mad props to Hot Wheels staying relevant. This is cool


  22. Chicks didnt have cars tho

  23. People get over the fact the video games are not “real toys”.

  24. Nice t-shirt, almost didn't see your face

  25. “Nerdier kids”…really?

  26. Meh. 5 minutes fun and then it will be boring af

  27. It's cool but it induces kids to phones

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