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House Judiciary debates impeachment articles against Trump

The committee resumes their markup to iron out the details of the articles of impeachment that Pelosi and other Dem leaders introduced earlier this week. Afterwards, the charges will go to the House floor for all members to vote on.

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  1. Ukraine.. not only are the Biden’s involved in Burisma, but now it has come to light that two on Schiff’s staff were part of a think tank bankrolled by Burisma. Oh what a web they have woven. The USAmerican people understand the purpose of this stupid ‘impeachment’ and will not rest until those involved in this impeachment are duly charged, brought to court and sentenced to prison. We, The people, want a stop of taxpayers money spent on any further hearing of impeachment. To continue this fake impeachment takes away a voter’s right. In fact, this hearing should be…..how was the $7B taxpayers money, sent to Ukraine, used!

  2. They're going to impeach the POTUS but they can't even keep track of who has talked and who hasn't. What a shift show.

  3. never one time did they say joe did it and braged about it on tv.

  4. Can't wait till it's nancy and schiff and jerrys turn, and lets see how they beg to let them have help.

  5. rabid Dems will say and do whatever it takes to defend Joe Biden and their corrupt party… hope they have plenty of brass if this coup is successful.

  6. OMG, I made it through ten and a half hours of this yesterday and I could not finish it. Today I finished it up and then watched them vote to move ahead with the articles. This whole thing did nothing to change any minds. Maybe reinforce the tds…… ok

  7. Put the left under oath in public!! We want blood!!

  8. This is shameful. If they can’t get him on this, they’ll try to get him on that. No crime, no misdemeanor and no bipartisan agreement. Shameful waste of time, money and effort.

  9. Young People of America, Learn from this Process of what these people are teaching you. Learn not to Accept any losses In any Game. Waste Other Peoples Tax Payer Dollars and Try to over throw any results in any Game Now. The Students of the USA need to Study this Democrat Party Technique of Bringing Down their Government. It will be studied for Years to come in schools. It is a Loophole in Our Constitution, and the Democratic Party was the first Ever to Try to Capitalize on it. This is An Example of a Failed Attempt to Bring down the USA Government before an Election and 3 years After an Election, through a Classic Seditious Conspiracy… The mistake they made was that they did not have a Fair Process, They Bullied, They Lied, They tried to put forth Multiple Criminal Acts that all fell through. They did not accept they Lost the Game. Will 233 Democratic House Members now go along with this nonsense these 23 House conspirators have imagined? Now the Hole in the Constitution that has cost USA Tax Payers Billions of Dollars, Lost Jobs, Lost World Respect for The USA during critical Peace talks, and Trade Talks will be Fixed Hopefully by the next Vote in the House by 233 Democrat Representatives up for election November 2020. If it's not fixed by that Vote then it will be Fixed by the USA Senate Vote Nullifying this Seditious Conspiracy that will be very short after. And then it's up to the American People to Permanently Fix this Hole November 2020 with their Votes. The People of the USA have been harmed by this nonsense.

  10. We think this (Impeachment) is more Far-Left hogwash & stupidity wallowing in their own political potty. Now they can fall in it as they should. We have no fear of a handful of fools that are bent on their own self-destruction and performing in this self inflicted "euthanasia" formation/creation of a sort. Maybe it is a form of political suicide and masochism all mixed together. It is so true that we can educate people, but we cannot give them perspective, intelligence, scruples or moral, ethical civility, much less honesty! The Far-Left are acting so foolish and hubris enough to boldly do a grand foolish political clown-stunt against all lawfulness, wisdom, propriety and agreement of most of the American people and even the world. The Pox, embarrassments and penalties are on them and them alone.

  11. You can see in the faces of the democrats shame and guild!

  12. This charade needs to end. There is no way the guy will be removed from office. Why they are doing this is specifically the type misuse of power of the type they claim to be opposing. They are not going to get 21 Republican Senators to vote to remove him from office. Hence, it is a waste of time.

  13. Watching this makes me sick.

  14. I hate politics and think the president is just a puppet for corporate tyranny and special interest groups. That being said isn't this whole thing just a cover up for the Biden's dealings with Ukraine? Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.

    I wasted half my day watching this thing. Two wrongs don't make right, but you can't legally take someone to court based on hearsay, speculation, and personal bias, even if it's true.

  15. This circus has to stop. We the people couldn’t give a crap about Ukraine. Do they vote in our election?
    How is what they did to ruin Trumps campaign any better? I’m just not connecting the dots. But I’m just a citizen watching a circus of idiots who have done nothing for the citizens for the past three years since they didn’t get their way. Crybabies delux. Get to work. For us! This is nothing to do with the American people’s opinion. We ALL think you’re pathetic.

  16. Dem’s TABLE everything to negate anything they don’t like and skirt the rules and laws!
    What scumbags!

  17. LOL, the hardest they've worked all year.

  18. Swalwell is the dumbest person to exisr, what a puppy dog.

  19. How about we govern ourselves, community by community. We could redo our prisons and police ourselves. We dont need a president, we don't need that house, and we dont need a senate. Keep our army pretty much as is but they can secure our boarders and air space and just fudge the rest. I'm sick of all of them. How can we make informed decisions on any of them when they're allowed to blatantly lie in our faces!! There is NO justice here, hasn't been in a long long time.

  20. What happened to the first aid package that biden was suppose make sure the money went to the right places, we will probably find out that biden is laughing all the way to the bank.

  21. The way the dems are running this impeachment is the way they all cases will be handeled in court where you are guilty untill you prove you are innocent, this is not the way the founding fathers ever wanted this county to end up.

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