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House passes resolution to limit Trump’s war powers against Iran

The House’s War Powers resolution has passed, which will require President Trump to get congressional approval before launching further military action against Iran.

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  1. Some body must stopped the Demslibrals before they destroyed the country and the people!

  2. my question is i want someone to explain how that sick lawless obstructing justice tampering with witnesses criminal insane narcissistic sociopath white supremacist rabid orangutan walked through those doors like a king or a god? and do it "perfectly"

  3. A resolution without TEETH.

  4. So it funded, it has to be used on war? Wtf?

  5. But he said he can do whatever he wants…no joke

  6. This dosent make Trump do anything. Stop pushing fake news.

  7. NO MORE WARS FOR STINKIN ISRAEL let those people rot

  8. What exactly is non binding? Sounds like something that can't be enforced.

  9. Heaven forbid the Democrats ever agree, much less compliment, President Trump for anything he does or says. He did nothing that wasn't already done by Obama, multiple times. Problem is, Trump along with our military, was actually successful. And the Democrats can't stand it!

  10. Fox News: Trumps personal propaganda machine – only idiots watch and believe this station.

  11. How about we cut their salaries? At least that would be a reasonable response to all of the tax money they've wasted on doing nothing since taking the house.

  12. Democrats in Congress: Oh no Trump is doing something we don't like again, we must put a stop to everything he does or at least make him ask us for our approval first.
    Trump to Democrats in Congress: Do I have your permission to take a crap?
    Democrats in Congress: Yes, but you can only use 8….no 7 sheets of toilet paper when you wipe.

  13. who is the Commander in chief? Trump of course , entitled to repond to emergency n accountable to the people not the stooges in the House

  14. The dems are the real Terrorists. No way they can stop the president from attacking the enemy

  15. No more wars for The Zionist regime

  16. Crayon eating, childlike, fake POTUS!!

  17. Give more money and Uranium to Iran like Obama did 👻

  18. Pelosi knows a red wave is coming so she tries to pass whatever in her short lived house

  19. Idiots are posting. Follow the law dummy!

  20. Of course they try and tie his hands why would the deep state wanting our Commander And Chief eliminating their top terrorist leaders they just keep showing their hand as if the American people don't remember they were responsible for Benghazi and this was the General responsible for orchestrating the attack along with numerous others against American's

  21. Dem Socialist psychosis and insanity. Absolutely unConstitutional. PERIOD.

  22. if it becomes law, d born-stupid Dems will just put American lives @ greater risk w their delay when action is required. All d new bureaucratic processes & voting required will take time & delay at times, vital action. Time that could result in loss of lives. But, if they want to take that responsiblility then they will also hav to take d blame for loss of lives. Do they understand that. D Dems seem to want to run d country their way when they'r not even in charge.

  23. Nobody in their right mind would give a loaded weapon to a toddler.

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