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House Republicans Want Hunter Biden And Whistleblower To Testify At Impeachment Hearings | NBC News

House Republicans issued their list of requests for public testimony in the impeachment hearings. President Trump told reporters that there shouldn’t be any hearings, then tweeted that Speaker Nancy Pelosi, former Vice President Joe Biden and House Intelligence Chairman Adam Schiff should all face Republican questioning.

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House Republicans Want Hunter Biden And Whistleblower To Testify At Impeachment Hearings | NBC Nightly News


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  1. As soon as Trump administration testifies, then Biden and Schiff will testify. Trump is hiding the truth. Guilty by obstruction.

  2. Another fake investigation against the man that is trying to make America great oh, let's not say try anymore because he is actually doing it, and the Democrats want nothing more than to take away his glory and give him no credit. Where are the witnesses we really need Hunter Biden and many others the GOP wants called to testify in this fake bulshit Witch Hunt…
    TRUMP 2020 🇺🇸🇺🇸🗽🗽

  3. Why not investigate the BIDENS? Trump was investigated for 3 years and nothing! Let's see how clean the Democrats are

  4. Alabama didnt gove him a warm response, they were forced to do so. Like a studio audience gotta clap or laugh when told, the school threatened them with school punishments if they boo… Look it up, than tired to say it was meant another way… Duel Realities again… We tell you the truth, than tell you the lie we want you to believe.

  5. How can he use Ukraine as leverage when Biden isnt a legitimate candidate to be president, this isnt as entertaining as the stormy daniels case CNN and company needs to step it up im not entertained

  6. It would really be funny if the Whistleblower was Hillary Clinton

  7. It is all a boring witch hunt…!

  8. This started with Hunter Biden

  9. Democrats are sick hungry power group of people. Too bad. They will loose big!!!

  10. Put that squirrelly junkie Hunter up there in front of the nation. With the right questioning he ll blow up in a matter of minutes.

  11. When the Democrats warn us not to go after the Bidens they are are blasting in huge neon lights what their worst vulnerable is. It will lead back to the Democrat interference in the 2016 election.

  12. So, Hunter Biden can't testify in an inquiry concerning a Presidential phone call in which part of the subject matter was Hunter Biden.
    Got it.

  13. Most Hispanics think this is a waste of time and money Donald Trump won 38% of the Hispanic vote in 2020 he's going to win at least 60% because nothing is getting done in Congress and wasted our money Adam Schiff should be testifying in front of Congress what he knew about the Whistleblower so everybody in The Brady knows it's it's a tainted inquiry

  14. This whole impeachment push is to protect Joe Biden from the consequences of his treachery.

  15. Trump claims he was investigating corruption, let them make that case. Schiff wont allow it, it will reveal democrat collusion with Ukraine operators, Biden corruption, and white house involvement in Burisma. These "whistleblowers" are government officials and DC operators. They should have no issue with testifying.

  16. Maybe Hunter Biden can show congress how he reads emails in Russian and can speak at board meetings in Russian. That would clear this whole misunderstanding up.

  17. Why call the reason Trump said he was getting involved in Ukraine corruption? If we find out there was a legitimate reason than we may doubt the democrats are not doing a political hit job.

  18. Hunter Biden straight up said on Good Morning America that he wouldn't have gotten that board seat if his dad wasn't the VP. Why is this just being ignored? Forget Dem vs. Rep. this is straight up corruption.

  19. I'll bet the "Unidentified Whistle Blower" is JOHN BOLTON, I'll bet that Bush Admin. CRONNIE blows a lot of deep state Cronnie's whistles!!!

  20. If joe biden is guilty then there should be no Impeachment. If biden is innocent, then Trump should be impeached.

    A president has all the rights to look into criminality of any citizen so long as the process is fair.

    Trump wanting to look into Biden may seem wrong, but if Joe Biden was part of corruption then Trump did the right thing.

    Let's make the process transparent and allow the accusers to face justice.. put the whistleblower, Bidens and Trump on the stand.

  21. All this trash the republicans are doing to protect a criminal should prevent them from running for presidential elections ever again. People should pay attention to who is aiding this Trump criminal and never vote for them if they ever run for a political seat.

  22. What the heck! The Biden’s have nothing to do with Trump asking other countries to investigate the Bidens. This is about crimes Trump committed. If they want to charge the Biden’s with something then that is a whole different deal for a separate situation having to do nothing with political crimes for self empowerment such as Trump’s crimes. Trump has no respect for what our country stands for!


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