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How 3-D-Printed Prosthetic Hands Are Changing These Kids’ Lives | Short Film Showcase

How 3-D-Printed Prosthetic Hands Are Changing These Kids’ Lives | Short Film Showcase

Traditional prosthetics can cost thousands of dollars and need to be replaced as children grow. A group of volunteers is using open-source technology and 3-D printers to provide free prosthetic hands for children and adults who need them. In this short from filmmaker Charlie Nordstrom, learn about e-NABLE, the organization behind the idea. Hear from Kieran, a child whose life has been improved by the device, and see the whole process unfold at Autodesk, a creative workshop in San Francisco.
Charlie Nordstrom: https://vimeo.com/charlien
e-NABLE: http://enablingthefuture.org/
Autodesk: http://www.autodesk.com/
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How 3-D-Printed Prosthetic Hands Are Changing These Kids’ Lives | Short Film Showcase

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  1. I hate to be the one to bring up bad points. But we all pay so much in taxes but it's never our governments who do these kind of things. The people are left to the people, No matter how much we pay governments. It's always People and not Governments who actually go out and make real lasting contributions to other Humans.

  2. These are so cool. Thank you people who still care about others.

  3. happy new year dear to u family n nat geo ………………………love from india

  4. just how thrilled parents have to be to watch their kids learn how to use them.

  5. I believe this is a wonderful thing and it would bring great happiness to thousands of disabled.

  6. Make a yoshimitsu hand that spins around! The kid will like it more i guess

  7. also they built a prosthetic arm from the dude in the deus ex video game

  8. This reminds me of the evil dead franchise

  9. Well, I know what I want to do with the rest of my life

  10. What kind of person gives this a thumbs down? Really?

  11. These are so cool although I think mine is better

  12. My 7 year daughter was born without bones in her four fingers starting with the index to her pinky, my biggest fear is her being bullied and she has already told us story's of her getting teased about it. I want to know how can i get in touch with someone who can help?? If anyone out there knows please share the info with me. PLEASE AND THANK YOU!!

  13. If I lost a hand. I would change it to a Infinity War gauntlet hand. The posibilities are endless.

  14. post the blueprints and materials wtf nation geographic

  15. I wish i can volunteer. Have you thought about making this project available for global volunteers, that would be amazing for the kids as well. Things like Aiesec i wish they had stronger opportunities like this one

  16. Two year later people are still watching

  17. How do you get on a list?  My daughter is 16 and has not asked about a prosthetic until recently. We tried a prosthetic helper when she was 3.  She was trying her best to play Violin and the only thing holding her back was the bow was too big for her hand.  She is very driven to excel and the one thing that has ever stopped her was music.  She started band in 6th grade with the French horn and is playing in high school a mellaphone.  Mellaphone is a right handed instrument and she has long fingers so she crossed over and plays.  She is about to become section leader because she really is that good.  She is also an artist that is so good that people are amazed and do not know that she has a deformed hand, she is beautiful, talented, and wise beyond her years.  I think that she would love to be part of this program as well as a client.

  18. I'm looking for help. becouse I do not have a hand.

  19. Plz tell me where can I find these in India. My friend is badly in need. He lost his left forearm below the elbow.

  20. Where i can get one of them ?

  21. Make it out of a light metal and embed it with technology.

  22. Hi there, I am in Ghana and i have a son of less than 2 years and his right hand is Amputated can i get one ? thank you

  23. Finally a cheap practical prosthetic limb, not those stupid $50,000 dollar robotic hands and arms

  24. now make them durable.

  25. What a difference in a kid's life!

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