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How 7 House Democrats got Nancy Pelosi to want impeachment | USA TODAY

Here’s how a group of moderates got Nancy Pelosi to wanting impeachment for President Trump.
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Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has announced a formal impeachment inquiry. It only took an op-ed from seven House Dems in difficult districts.

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  1. She's such a genius,l just know this is going to work and Joe Biden will win the White House……..signed: dumbest sob in the world

  2. Is what he did true, or is it more fake news. If true what did he say exactly to their President? Could it be a context issue?

  3. Moderates? I don't think USA Today knows what that word means

  4. You're kidding me, right? Of course any politician would want to benefit politically from a deal struck or agreement made or understanding came to with another political leader. One hand washes the other, it's the way it works but the Dems have nothing so they are going to waste resources on an inquiry that will go nowhere. We honestly need to stop providing all these foreign countries with our resources anyway. Do more for Americans, for small business owners, for American families, for the education of Americans from early childhood through adulthood. Never stop learning, improving, and growing.

  5. Pelosi has absolutely ZERO control over her idiots….actually they seem to control her quite well, a clear cut case of the tail wagging the dog….as much as I despised Paul Ryan, Nancy Pelosi is clearly the VERY MOST ineffective house speaker this country has ever experienced…..IF she gave a damn about this country at all she would step down….

  6. No one is above the law, she needs ro remember that always.

  7. Screw trump and all he's racist supporters how about that

    It's time. The hate democrat party has gone too far. They must be shut down. They aren't Americans anymore. They are the worse enemy of the United States of America. They aren't working for the interest of the citizens of the United States of America. We America citizens must stop them NOW!!! They have, like everyone is saying, come unhinged and are as hateful as anyone in known history has ever been. Pelosi, Schumer, Nadler, Waters, Omar, Cortez, Pressley, Warren, Harris, Booker, Tlaib are just a few who have to be put away. Along with anyone connected with the insurance policy against President Trump's presidency. It's time to put a stop to this sick hateful democratic party attempted overthrow of our government. Hillary Clinton's lost her paid for presidency that failed because she is a crooked evil person. She and Strozk, Comey and other sewer dwellers started their hate War against America. Well guess what? "BOOMERANG"

  9. if no one is above the law then why don't we prosecute Obama for signing the Patriot Act in 2011 by dismantling the Constitution to me that's called treason to the United States and for the people

  10. If Nancy Pelosi says no one is above the law then why don't we prosecute Hillary Clinton first let's start there

  11. How dare the traitor Pelosi accuse Trump of such nonsense with no proof while he is meeting and negotiating at the UN. This proves she is nothing but a traitorous child throwing a public temper tantrum to stifle and impair our President s ability to negotiate. Pelosi, Schumer and Nadler all need to be publicly executed for crimes against America!

  12. Nancy Pelosi in her best Chanel outfit and in front of the Postal Address. Try to keep her dentures and was the funniest thing I've seen in years.

  13. NANCY is the Demo RATS circus ring leader . She makes me wanna VOMIT !!! And is a DISGRACE to the American people . KAG2020

  14. Will that fool ever shut up 🦆

  15. TRUMP 2020 f–k libs bring on c-I-v-I-l-w-a-r

  16. Hangings are on the horizon.

  17. How about impeach the demoncrats as they are all crooks liars and commit treason

  18. The democratics have nothing for the America people. They should be held acceptable

  19. Here she is, your corrupt, coward house speaker leather face Pelosi! Your day will come!

  20. Are the Dems inadvertently or otherwise pushing Trump to start WWIII? I believe that there will be a massive false flag attack either on US military/oil facilities in the Mideast and/or on the US mainland which will lead to WWIII if an impeachment looks imminent for Trump. If there's a big enough conflict there will be no 2020 elections. Problem solved for Trump.

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