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How AI will drive your business

IBM data and artificial intelligence general manager Robert Thomas discusses the future of AI technology in the workplace and in doing business. #FoxBusiness

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  1. The machines will decide who should live.

  2. I for one welcome our new robot overlords

  3. Perfect for Communism. Wonderful. Optimised Communism.

  4. AI will replace people are cause a lot of trouble. Mark my words.

  5. Harley' Davidson's parts are made in China now! !WTF is going on?

  6. I'm a AI advanced American model made by synthetic nanoparticles introduced to nature c60 type particles.

    Sounds crazy huh. Me or the news

  7. These clowns don't have much imagination, do they?

    The idea that machines are doing our thinking for us should be really scary if you can visualize 100 years into the future. There has never been a time in our human technological history when so many people were so heavily dependant on technology which they knew nothing about, and had no control over.

    Steven Hawking was right. Instead of us running the machines, the machines will be running us. We are building electronic walls around our own prison.

    This clown babbles about "trust" like it is a magic inherent property of electronics. Sorry, buddy; if we can't trust people, we can't trust the electronic toys that they cram down our throats.

    If I make a comment that You Tube does not like, my whole comment disappears thanks to pre-programmed artificial intelligence that dictates what I can say and what you can read.

    Doesn't this worry you?

  8. Robert Thomas should be in politics, Totally steering viewers in he wrong direction.

  9. So just use AI to move us all to a 30 hour work week!

  10. if there is no more natural intelligence, then the artificial (LOL) is urgently needed. Although it only exists in Hollywood by now. The next "empty card house" or "investment bubble" – which is, what it is at best, will underline that in the future.

  11. Mrs b Stacy your an idiot

  12. I'm not afraid, I just want to limit.
    He is right, I DON"T TRUST.

  13. Dont sweat it AI will do the jobs we don't want to do . Kinda lick Amazon is killing the small stores .

  14. Something I would like to point out that I noticed with this segment, an AA guy was present in the middle position of the set with the V shape making him the farthest from the camera. The host(ess) never spotlighted him as a single commentator and the camera never went to him close-up for him to comment or even for him to be shown on the set. My question is, who is/was he (his name was also not given), and why was he there, and if he was an expert in finance, why was he not called on or spotlighted? Very strange! I'm going to look back through the segment again to see if what I have said is correct. Please, Fox News Business, give some answers.

  15. I do not want it. I want people. heck off.

  16. AI is a cold hearted demon that wants to ruin humanity. 5G causes cancer, on purpose


  18. It is now how it travels but where it arrives………. DOA

  19. This was a total lame interview, the Fox guys did not do their homework. The IBM guy was there to do a total snow job on these guys. If you understand A.I. you know that the systems they are working with today are just predictive and pattern recognition systems or machine learning not real A.I.. Real A.I. will completely disrupt business as we know it. Any job in a major company can be replaced by A.I. and robotic technology and we will see it in the next 20 years. Whole industries like long haul truck drivers will be completely replaced. Even Doctors and lawyers will be largely replaced by systems that are far more accurate and better faster safer than humans. Think of horse pulled buggies, not many of them around since the motorized car came around.

  20. Elon Musk is making rockets to go to Mars, to get away from A I, so that kinda tells me something…I don't want to be afraid, but I am concerned!!!

  21. US federal law , "No human will be replaced with a robot to stop the colection of nessary taxes ! "
    Why are Democrats with no purpose anymore all over this issue only one billionaire stood up so far ..? 1:37 in

  22. Harley-Davidson 2:21 in , who the hell will buy their product !
    Henery Ford ," if you don't pay the people that build the car enough money to buy the car sooner or later you will not be able to sell the car "

  23. Japan is 30 years ahead on the USA federal Japan law no human will be replaced with a robot/kiss your prosperity goodby robot surrenders .!

  24. Don't be fooled Ai will doom mankind , WHO THE HELL IS GOING TO PAY THE TAXES WHEN ALL HUMANS ARE REPLACED WITH ROBOTICS. .? 1:37 in

  25. Bring back the old days and we will have more employment.

  26. We are still in the infancy of AI and only stupid people are going to benefit, think they're benefiting, from AI. We need many more years to develop AI where it will help everyone.

  27. Most medium and small companies and many of the larger ones won't be able to afford the initial cost of a major AI shift. I see more white collar jobs being lost to AI than blue collar.
    Harley Davidson? They plan to be a parts only company in 5 years. Bad example of any biz issue.

  28. Yes , everyone in the world will be sat at home doing nothing , everyone losing their jobs ! Shareholders the only ones winning !

  29. The moment brilliant tech people start challenging AI products all hell will break loose, because AI will define "orthodoxy." Just look at how climate alarmism has rendered consensus-scientists the enemies of scientific skepticism, which is essential to all research


  31. AI will deliver a much better world. I hope soon tranhumanism becomes a thing and I upload my brain and live forever!

  32. Trump is Barron of Brains.
    He'll bankrupt US all intensionally.
    Proverbs 6.12-19

  33. Artificial Intelligence eh 🤔 chip in the brain to control human behavior. Sounds good to me as long as it’s used on criminals, perverts, and anyone else not worthy of being a human anymore.

  34. HORSESHIT👎👎👎…yall morons out here gobbling this beast system up like chickens on junebugs,dont even realize your helping create the end of mankind, with a stupid ( fishlips) smile on your brainwashed faces… dam dummies…

  35. FoX : Why are you shadow banning my comments here ?


  37. Just simple question.
    Now out of 5 of you how you know who is using a FISA implant and watching you and snooping your electronics gadgets.
    AI knows it's AI. But humans are dumb to know AI until they come into contact with AI.

    How a human brain is a chip set which is implanted into brains by medical centers of nations and WHO educates to use AI via optical fiber and telecommunications.

    AI is only a machine service provider to make complex applications accessible. Complex like study, research fields. And not implanting into humans.

    You advice AI is good for human families and population?

    IAM🤴🏻 watching and MY🤴🏻😡 patience is not ignorance. You will never know IAM🤴🏻 gonna snap out your AI population in coming years. It's a warning even before you pyschos created AI and living with it.

  38. Steven Hawkins was a brilliant idiot…genius misused.

  39. It's part of the beast system

  40. We are all going to lose our jobs. And if we don't have a job we can't pay taxes and pay the government taxes. This means all our income are threatened. There will be no pensions if the government doesn't collect taxes, or government services if they don't collect taxes. THESE PEOPLE ARE LYIG. ONLY THE HIGH TECH AND GLOBALISTS WILL SURVIVE. WE ARE BEING REPLACED BY ROBOTS. AND THAT IS THE TRUTH. THEY ARE JUST LYING TO YOU. IT WILL NOT BE USED JUST TO GATHER DATA. WE ALREADY HAVE COMPUTERS FOR THAT. AI IS ON A DFFERENT LEVEL. PUSH BACK PEOPLE. YOUR LIVELIHOOD IS AT STAKE.

  41. If AI has anything to do with phone answering services that in the end goes to a human that just learned to speak English, u have a long ways to go buddy

  42. AI. can take over if u let it

  43. The big tech companies need to stop their global monopolies on everything. Now they've gobbled up almost every company. AI….lets distract the people with something else, while we are taking their jobs and livelihoods away.

  44. AI are not the same as us, humans. Therefore, we can still beat the AIs with our own creativity.

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