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How are drones shaping the future of war? | Inside Story

Drones, or unmanned aerial vehicles, are changing the way militaries around the world conduct their operations.
The United States and others, say they prefer them to sending in jets or using other weapons.
Now, with the crisis in the Gulf, the UK is reportedly considering using them in the region.
They would help with surveillance as British warships escort oil tankers through the Strait of Hormuz, which began after Iran seized a British-flagged tanker last month.
So, how will these unmanned aircraft shape future conflicts?

Presenter: Folly Bah Thibault

Wim Zwijnenburg, humanitarian disarmament project leader at Dutch think tank, Pax.
Afzal Ashraf, associate professor at the Centre for Conflict Security and Terrorism at Nottingham University.
Glenn Carle, former deputy national intelligence officer for transnational threats at the CIA.

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  1. But u know god is the ruler and the real king of this world. No one can wipe out the humanity because they think they are powerful. All power belongs to the most high.

  2. Advanced countries will shoot them down and backward countries suffer as always.

  3. Turkey's Baykar is currently developing a new version of assault UAV (AKINCI-RAIDER) that will be one of the best in its class in the world soon.

  4. 1. This type of weapons mostly used against nations who can't defend themselves.

    2. The leaders of those countries are traitors given permissions to kill their own citizens.

  5. It is Persian Gulf, kindly educate yourself!

  6. Bring condom in drone and throw it whole world .

  7. Using drones free to terrorize any country.

  8. 0:33 Fully Batty-ball is an extremely good show host.

  9. USA drones kills countless woman and children in casualties, locals scream down the streets about there dead family and fck you USA. Then USA says, “see how many hate us, we must act”…

  10. Proof they don't have satellites in space watching you. Earth is flat.

  11. 🇸🇴Somalia🇸🇴💙🇸🇴✔👍

  12. The US and the UK, the powerful don’t care about legality, they know the weak poor countries can’t do anything about it.

  13. Israel is worried of Iran funding 100m,How ironic when The USA gives billions in aide to isreal thier hypocrisy.

  14. China is irresponsible with proliferation of drones.

  15. By killing people by accident lol

  16. How are drones shaping the future of war? is definitely an astonishing report! I truly did appreciate it so much. Thanks a lot for sharing! Keep it up!

  17. Being a non state actor doesnt mean to be a terrorist organization, look at Hezbollah and Israel. Hezbollah develops military operations against military targets in retaliation of foreign attacks while the Israeli army sends drones carried with explosives to populated areas.

  18. extrajudicial assassination from the sky has been normalized 🙃

  19. Al Jazeera's analysis comes from 2003. How many people were interrogated during Shock and Awe on Iraq? That wasn't done by drones.

  20. Cowards can rule the world with drones and guns….

  21. ALLAH once punished the jinns sending on them HIS angels along them the great ANGEL JIBREAL . Jinns who lived on earth for thousands of years were punished and destroyed them because they were fighting one another and killing killing and killing was going on ..

    So ALLAH punished them and humans were created and send down first was ADAM the father of all of us and look at us we are fighting one another just like the jinns used to do at there time of life on earth …

    Humans will destroy there own planet earth by their own hands

  22. Americans need police robots to auto-blast jaywalkers, to maintain the social order.

  23. Nazis were tried at nuremburg for the greatest crime which was and still is wars of agression. today USA and NATO has committed those same crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan, they face no prosecution whatsoever and still maintain a facade of having some sort of moral high ground. despicable.

  24. Okay so this news is fake, it said it all started with our tanker being taken, no not at all, we took theirs first, even though they deny it is for them.

  25. this world is becoming like a video game 🎮 no morals

  26. Taliban fighters & yamani fighters not a terrorist they are struggling against united snakes 🐍 of America & aale saood (aale yahood )

  27. Counter terrorism = United snakes 🐍 of America, Britain 🇬🇧 MI6, shetan state mosad this is original terrorist

  28. All are wrong here. The use of drones makes it cut and dry on use of force. Use IT. And cutting out the pilot only males it so much easier. And targeting is the core issue here, and not precision. Even a smart weapon used in offensive purposes. But targeted to kill say 1 or 2, but used to kill in a crowded area. Still kills a lot of people. At weddings, at hospitals, at private residence in a congested place. Make precise weapons just as dumb and destructive. Whether killed by dumb bombs or a drone. The innocents killed are still dead. The only safe persons are the ones giving orders and the remote pilots. Who in their right minds can be alright with going after 1 or slightly larger number of people. But order say a school, hospital, school bus, and so on, to be attacked to kill a few. All the panelalist are JUST WRONG.

  29. Gamers will finally be able to carry out their wildest fantasies for real

  30. They use every useful technology for distractions couse they deaf blind evil may Allah put in their heart humanity

  31. What's "legal" about war? Kill or be killed

  32. If you are bombing people with drones, then you are the terrorist, hiding thousands of miles away with your videogame controler, and a bowl of beef jerky. I am not saying drones are not good for some cases, but we use them as cowards who would rather dominate and demoralize, rather than just leave people alone.

  33. What could be wrong with murdering people and countless innocents around them without arrest, trial, or any legal process? Hundreds of thousand s of people have been killed by drones. Worst of all is the practice of rebombing the same target after first responders and family have come to rescue wounded. Hard to say you are targeting one or more bad guys when you send the second bomb to just increase the body count. All "Enemy Combatants".

  34. The rule of law is mattering less and less to the most dangerous this world has known, the empire is falling, love not this world, nor your life. If your already dead to this world, sounds like it should be easier than it is. But anyway persevere, remember the blood. The word.

  35. We will never forget what US drones did in Pakistan

  36. They will be illegal when Iran starts selling their drones to Yemen and Lebenom and Syria…. may Allah raise Maumar Gaddafi

  37. Can we call robo-hounds drones?

  38. It is great to have a drone on drone war. There won't be any casualty . Only pride of the operators is damage. Bravery will not need to be called

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