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How Daniel Radcliffe prepared for latest role as a fact-checker

Daniel Radcliffe — who stars as a fact-checker in the new play “The Lifespan of a Fact” — researched the role by working at The New Yorker and fact-checking a review of Mexican restaurant Oxomoco.

He enjoyed it so much, “I honestly almost wanted to phone them up later and be like, ‘If you have any other super-low-stakes stories that you need me to fact-check, I would love to,’” Radcliffe told us at a party for his play’s opening.

“I really found it very satisfying and fun, and I do think I’d be good at it,” the star said. “Except doing proper articles.”

Radcliffe said he met heavy-hitting reporters Jane Mayer and Ronan Farrow during his time at the mag, and “I wouldn’t like to be making those calls.”

When it comes to the rise of “alternative facts,” Radcliffe told us, “This existed before [Donald Trump] and exists in other forms . . . It’s harder to do when you’re calling out some news show or journalist or paper . . . We have to scrutinize those things just as much.”

His show runs till Jan. 13 and co-stars Cherry Jones and Bobby Cannavale.


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