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How Did Wolves Evolve? | National Geographic

Explorer: How Man Tamed the Wild : http://channel.nationalgeographic.com/series/explorer/4827/Overview
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Biologists discover that curiosity stands out as the main difference between the domesticated dog and the wolf.

How Did Wolves Evolve? | National Geographic

National Geographic

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  1. I love my attack dog she is so protective of me even when she is currently in her older years of life she is still protective I love her she is a good dog.

  2. Even the most Wildest Wolf will NOT attack or bite a Human. The couple of only recorded cases involved rabies… There is Absolutely NO Evidence of a dog evolving from a wolf. Only Assumptions made by Paleontology when looking at Bones ! But Blood is now telling a more accurate result. The Geneticist is showing Facts instead of Assumptions, and The Fact of The Matter is…. No One can name this so called Common Ancestor they supposedly share…
    There is No Evidence— NONE !!!
    As We All Know, scientists need to present Evidence, other than……
    Maybe — What if — Perhaps–

  3. So their claim is dogs came from wolves because some wolves thousands of years ago weren't as self reliant? How can you prove they evolved? I know what it means, but how can you prove that's what happened?

  4. Wolfs would never kill dogs wolfs and dogs are family just like cats and lions

  5. Goddam that's ballsy to just be with a pack of wolves

    Talk about the ultimate dog's though

  6. Apparently my pitbull and rottie were bred to be sweethearts

  7. Where’s the full vid!!!

  8. good video.  I was apprehensive that the researchers were going to posit that wolf pups could be turned into dogs, but they correctly state that wolves are not dogs, having been separated by 40,000 years of evolution.

  9. One of my favorite animals

  10. When Dr. Wynne (who is a psychologist, it's worth noting, and not a biologist) finishes saying that we "understand very little about" dogs (a comment picked apart nicely here by 777Skeptic), he goes on to say that we must understand dogs' predecessors in order to understand the dog. I wholeheartedly agree.

    And as that is the fact of the matter, I recommend the study of any and all of our ancestors and closest cousins: the apes. If you're watching this video, you are likely predisposed to a scientific mindset. I would love nothing more than to receive interesting information on – or videos about – studies of great apes.

    Doggos are okay, too. 🙂

  11. "How do we know they're not gonna turn around and bite us at the next moment?"

    Because the ones that did didn't get to pass their genes on to the next generation.

  12. Summary: Humans have devolved a species into a weaker species.

  13. You see the same thing in children vs chimps.

  14. They evolved like this: Aroooooooooo!

  15. But dog breeding just supports microevolution not macro. We have no evidence that evolution causes Speciation. If scientists want to prove evolution can cause speciation then why not try to push dog breeding to the extant that a dog is no longer a dog?

  16. what my dog didn't evolve from no satan evilution.

  17. This video title is misleading it's about the evolution of dogs, not wolves

  18. its not evolution…its selective breeding…

  19. @thesmiler177

    Its all about genetics

    Dogs did not evolve from wolves
    They are descendants from wolves

    Just as every human being is a descendent from the black race

    Also you can interbreed hybrids

    It's not evolution .. It's selective genetic mutation

  20. i once saw a beautiful husky coming up the road where i was running only to discover it as its whole body revealed itself that it had short stubby legs like a dachsund. i was like wtf? ahaha

  21. I was looking up Miley Cryus and this came up.

  22. Now I want a wolf pup!!! 🙂

  23. those wolve pups were adorable<3!

  24. 4:33 Pudge, pudge. ^.^

  25. @Richmunnich that's 'mitochondrial' DNA. That's only one kind of DNA and nuclear DNA such as ribosomal genes would be fine too for tracing lineage. We don't have dino DNA but do have some protein sequence, google: collagen protein sequence dinosaur (I would recommend ignoring the icr page).

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