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How do hurricanes like Dorian and Katrina get their names? | Just the FAQs

Katrina, Maria, Harvey and Sandy are all infamous names belonging to some of the worst hurricanes in history. But where do these names come from?
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Hurricane Dorian hurtled toward the United States and was on track to become a major hurricane Friday before its expected landfall Monday into Tuesday along Florida’s east coast, forecasters say.

The storm was slowly turning west on Friday as it makes it way back toward land and is expected to strengthen in the coming days, the National Hurricane Center said. Dorian is then forecasted to slam the southeastern United States as a possible Category 4 storm.

Forecasters say Dorian will likely slow down considerably as it approaches Florida, allowing for heavy rainfall, dangerous winds and life-threatening storm surge to linger.

“Dorian is likely to remain an extremely dangerous hurricane while it moves near the northwestern Bahamas and approaches the Florida peninsula through the weekend,” the hurricane center said.

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  1. Literally, just the FAQ. They give you no actual information here.

    "Here is single-payer. These guys over here say this, but those guys over there say that! This is the part where we could have placed actual data relating to single-payer systems and how much better they are than a private system, but who wants to actually hear about this stuff? There you go! Anyway, nobody even knows what the actual results of a Medicare-for-all system would look like (besides just looking at every industrialized nation that implements these ideas), but all the candidates are pretty much for the same end goal when it comes to healthcare, not just Bernie, so don't be afraid to vote for someone else. Please, anybody but Bernie. News!"

  2. Either that or some meteorologist is really into this season of MasterChef

  3. This one reminds me of Katrina for some reason.. I guess because it was this time of year and it’s a strong 💪 powerful monster like Katrina was!
    I have a sense it’s gonna be bad so stay safe all pls take heed and get to a safe place! Peace ☮️

  4. Hopefully their never be a hurricane named > Calamity Jane

  5. Bro, anyone else excited for their 4 day weekend

  6. Every body stay safe have a good weekend prayers to all

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