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How do most Successful People Start Their Day?

How do most Successful People Start Their Day?

Alux Answers: “How do most successful people start their day?”
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In this Alux.com video we’ll try to answer the following questions:
How do most successful people start their day?
How to make a good habit?
What are the best mourning routines?
How to have a good mourning routine?
What do successful people do in the morning?
What’s the first thing you should do in the morning?
How can a successful morning win the day?
Why should you workout in the morning?
Why should you meditate in the morning?
What’s the mourning routine of billionaires?
How the prepare for the next morning?
Why should you practice journaling?

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  1. I start my day by telling GOD all that I'm grateful for….that's my first thing.

  2. Please make a playlist for this thanks

  3. 1:48 Your risk isn't gonna go if you put sugar in it mate. Buy it natural-flavoured. Like lemon, ginger or something. I drink 3-5 cups of that daily. Personally, I use them mint flavoured.

  4. I found not drinking coffee first thing in the morning to work even though I happened to go into work very early! I just wait till my first break.

  5. I star my day by walking my dogs, making breakfast and coffee, watch one episode of house of cards, and while I get ready for work I put on my alux! Without this routine, I would be lost.

  6. I start with water and breakfast!!

  7. Skipping breakfast is probably the worst habit a person can have. You’re body needs protein to start the day off properly.

    Skipping breakfast can damage your thyroid gland, and that can lead to a whole host of health problems down the road.

    Skipping breakfast is the one habit of successful people you want to avoid.

  8. When i workout in the morning, i'm very productive during the day..

  9. Got to have that cup of coffee.

  10. As iam a true aluxer i have made alot of changes in my daily life schedule and habits from few months by watching all the great influential information videos at alux.com . . . My morning habit is making a "To do list" i keep a pencil and a notebook beside my bed, drink some water, few mins of visualizing how im gonna spend my day as per the "to do list", im also a "skip-the-breakfast" person but coffee is must !. . . and i also avoid mobile phone, tablets etc and organize clothes which iam going to wear next morning one hour before going to bed and
    I workout for 45min few hours before going to bed yeah that helps me focused to be consistant towards work and weekly goals, saves my time & keeps me motivated
    Thank you so much to alux.com and the whole alux team for providing the best quality information and motivating and influencing us to be the doers!

  11. Alux you are great but I need help, With your AUDIOBOOKS I am from Bolivia and I don't why but I can't enter to the page and hear some book please help I will love to hear you audiobooks

  12. A warmup followed by a boxing session and is how I kickstart my day 😉.

  13. i start my day by 2min sitting silently, thereafter drinking precisely 1litre water and read atleast one chapter of the book that I'm currently reading .And ofcourse drink Green tea in the morning.

  14. My question is. How go brake away from the bad habits holding me back . Tips. Exercise to put into practice. Thank you guys for all the great information

  15. how to think like a successful person

  16. How to start earning in 20’s

  17. Is becoming "who you are" really what makes you successful in the real world ?

  18. Hallo Alux Inspiration. I would like to know "How can we overcome our fears within?" Thanks for inspiring us.

  19. HOW CAN I GET COMPOUND INTEREST EVERY MONTH? Can you please make a video about this?

  20. With a bowl of oatmeal……

  21. Why that guy in the thumbnail sitting on that damn desk with them shoes on . Lol he about to push that cup of that table 👀

  22. Journaling 1st thing.. with coffee 😬 time to tweak my routine 😅

  23. How to become a successful youtuber ?

  24. Can we have a video on
    15 countries which allow easy business to foreign nationals?

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