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How Donald Trump Weaponizes Women

Donald Trump.

Acosta and the unnamed intern.
Photo: TIME/Youtube

This week Donald Trump furthered his assault on the free press when he revoked CNN’s Chief White House correspondent Jim Acosta’s press credentials. Acosta had committed the crime of asking a question that displeased the President (it was about the Russia investigation). Trump repeatedly interrupted Acosta as he tried to speak, intoning “That’s enough,” like a menacing father disciplining an unruly child.

When Acosta disobeyed, the White House brought out the big guns: a young, female intern in a pretty shift dress, decorative necklace, and shoulder-length blow-out, who bore more than a passing resemblance to Hope Hicks. It fell to this hapless intern to serve as the ‘muscle,’ to physically wrest the mic away from the reporter.


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