How good! Prime Minister's XI secure exciting final-wicket win

Oshada Fernando showed some encouraging signs for Sri Lanka with the bat but rising star Harry Nielsen starred with the bat before Fawad Ahmed brought it home for the Prime Minister’s XI in an entertaining Canberra clash


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  1. Stupid bowler.. All full toss

  2. Indian PM always shouting on TVs and radios that we shoud do this and that and we can do this but at the of day just ending up cleaning the already clean beach for photo session. Irony is that still my foolish Indian fellows worship him.

  3. I guess Scotty did know 😎

  4. Wow fixing on top . All big player was playing according to bookie.

  5. Australia fan's like here

  6. I must say this cricket is very wicket 😈😎😲😵😋

  7. In the next decade, sri lanka will dissappear from cricket

  8. Pm's presence on field as a drink boy is an heart touching…

  9. And Lynn wonders why Australian selectors don't bother with him anymore, Biggest flog of all time.

  10. 😥😭😠🤔🤔😥😥

  11. Irony is Australian C grade team beaten Sri Lankan B grade team who beaten Pakistan's No. 1 world T-20 team.. 🙄😀😭😍

    අලුත් එක
    අම්මෝ සජිත්🤣

  13. Amazing game amazing highlights as always from Cricket Australia

  14. Nielsen playing some quality shots.

  15. If u tell narendra Modi to take drinks to the players there is no chance of that hats off to Aussie pm


  17. පොඩි උන්ට හොදට නෙලලා අවා ,වැඩක් නැ 100 අද නැ

  18. Jatu log Sri Lanka wale. Badve hai be. Inki match woman ke saat bi nahi hona chaiye. Land fakir log hai aaj ke Sri Lankan

  19. වැඩක් නැ අප්පා සික්

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