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How Khloe Kardashian Is Stopping Tristan Thompson’s Cheating | Hollywoodlife

How Khloe Kardashian Is Stopping Tristan Thompson’s Cheating | Hollywoodlife

We have proof Khloe Kardashian is back with Tristan Thompson after cheating scandal. Plus – Khloe is taking baby caring advice from Kylie Jenner.

“Khloe [Kardashian] is keeping Tristan [Thompson] on a very short leash now that they’re back together. She is having him check in constantly, texting and calling her from wherever he is on the road. Khloe is still really hurt over everything he put her through and has little trust in him right now. Knowing where he is at all times helps alleviate her stress and anxiety. Tristan has given Khloe all the pass codes for his phones and she has access to his emails too,” a source close to Khloe tells HollywoodLife.comEXCLUSIVELY. Yikes — this doesn’t sound very healthy to us.

Read More: http://hollywoodlife.com/2018/05/09/khloe-kardashian-rules-tristan-thompson-cheating/

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How Khloe Kardashian Is Stopping Tristan Thompson’s Cheating | Hollywoodlife


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  1. uno she can do what she wants its her family not yours. if he agrees with her She Gone do what she needs to do..

  2. Dayummmm girl are you that desperate to hold on to him?? G0in' through all that checkin' e-mailz & phone logz?? Truly sad and pathetic𗀼𗀼𗀼𗀼 Your baby girl should be your first and main priority not babysittin' a poor azz excuse for a man💯💯💯💯

  3. Desperate to have a family

  4. she's more interested in chasing him than she is about her new born baby!! shame on this stupid selfish woman her actions are speaking volumes to the world!

  5. Bitxhes act like niggas wasn't cheating before technology came out. Before passwords and shit. You can have that whole man's life in your hands n he will still find a way to cheat if he wanted to

  6. Really 🤔 LMAO 🤦🏾 I guess a good men is hard to fine gotta do what you gotta do Lmfao😂😎.🤷🏿

  7. Bitch you are a host so stop being sarcastic and do ur job properly

  8. if your going through all that trouble of spying it’s not worth it. i wouldn’t care if he’s the father of my child or not , that baby doesn’t deserve to be around him !!

  9. I feel sad for Khloe I wonder what is making her feel so insecure where she feels she needs to stay with him. And does she realize Tristan can have multiple phones & email addresses?

  10. Really Kim? Its just so fucked up? But I didn't hear you saying how fucked-up it was… when Khloe and Tristan were doing it to his ORIGINAL pregnant girlfriend. Remember her? Karmas a BITCH Gina.


  12. He's just going to be more careful when he cheats, but he WILL NOT BE FAITHFUL, i'ts just a matter of time, big mistake on her part, he's only sorry cause he got caught, otherwise he would have not taken a break cheating. Stupid Kloe.

  13. I bet he has a spare phone and email😂

  14. It's amazing how everyone keeps forgetting that this man has another child, I feel so sorry for the other mother and baby!!!

  15. He can always create a new email or cheat through his assistant's phone lmao. She's dumb

  16. How about leaving him? What a fucking dumb ass lol

  17. Once a Cheater ALWAYS& FOREVER will be a FUKKN CHEATER!!!

  18. She hates the high hard one

  19. I think khloe knew what she was getting into and was going to love him anyway I do think she's still emotional from having her baby and isn't back to herself yet

  20. I was at the doc where they do std testing someone called on the speaker tristan Thompson lol

  21. Can you stop throwing shade at these nba players, they are so much more talented than you and everyone you know and they are more talented than you ever will be. Tristan is also 10000000 times more talented than Khloe Kardashian so look up to him

  22. And her brother- in -law Kanye is telling people to get off their mental chains while she is out here trying to keep this man under lock and key 🔑 🔒

  23. Khloe…please take some of your money and good therapist and start to love yourself…only when you do this you will make better choices and will not tolerate bullshit !

  24. Kim & Kylie: prompts to do plastic surgery (its a good thing).
    Khloe: prompts that a cheating man is a keeper (it is okay…).

    These "women" are destroying young girls.

  25. This storyline has to be fabricated. She can't be that dumb?!?! There is NOTHING out here to prevent a person from cheating. Haven't she heard…. Cheaters keep multiple phones? 👀
    Good Luck with your plans!!!

  26. Don't let any man,wipe his feet on you,time to show your daughter that she's worth more,cut bait…

  27. She can do that all she wants but a cheater is going to find a way to cheat if he really wants to. End of story. Even if he behaves for a while. He can easily go straight back to do it the second she gives him back some privacy.
    Not saying there isn't a possibility he could change. It just doesn't happen often with serial cheaters. I know to her it feels like her only choice but it's really unhealthy and could possibly cause more problems. It's not always the best thing for a child for their parents to remain together. It's definitely a lot to think about

  28. Khloe honestly deserves BETTER. You cannot keep a man that doesn't want to be kept. Move on to a better man, not a lil boy that can't even keep it in his pants for literally no more than 2 min. He hasn't even acknowledged his new baby girl on Instagram, nor his older son. Red fucking flag right there.

  29. Girl who cares I’m really for all y’all Kardashian’s to go away


  31. wow she have a big job to do to watch her Man you a fool gal enjoyed your job donkey of the day

  32. He better GET OUT!! her old desperate ass. She fucked up now you got a baby daddy.. This dude is misable

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