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How many rings would Michael Jordan have if he didn't retire to play baseball? | FOX SPORTS

Chris Broussard answers fan questions following parts 7 and 8 of ‘The Last Dance’ documentary, and determines how many rings he believes Jordan would have won had he never retired in the mid-90s.

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How many rings would Michael Jordan have if he didn’t retire to play baseball? | FOX SPORTS

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  1. How many rings would Jordan have had he not retired in the mid-90's?

  2. Bulls weren't losing to anybody in the 90s. 6 full seasons in the 90s for MJ and Pip.. 6 titles…

  3. Imagine lebron taking a year and half break ? He would have 1 chip lmao

  4. I think he would have only gotten one more after the first three, so four overall. MJ's abrupt retirement forced the team to start to retool a bit and add some decent role players around what was still a pretty good nucleus without MJ in order to still compete for a title. Plus it saved MJ the usual grind that like 150 games in 93-94 would have taken on his body. So I think they probably win in 94 but then start to fall off some after, then MJ probably leaves in free agency after his contract is up in 96 and they trade Pippen etc.

  5. The same amount prolly

  6. probably 5 or so..he would have retired at some point..something tells me that 5 in a row is the perfect moment to leave the game!!

  7. Jordan's Bulls would be 3-2 in the finals had he not retired after 1993 Finals. The Rockets were too deep for Jordan's Bulls. After losing back-to-back finals to the Rockets, Jordan retires after the 94-95 season. If he returns for 96-97 season, the league passes the Bulls by.

  8. Probably 8 I think fatigue would set in for a ninth title. Jordan is great but he's not immortal!

  9. he would obviously be likely to have less but how many who knows? i would say 4 is my guess

  10. Burner out or not mj would of won in 94 95 & 99

  11. Bro would have like 8 or 9

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