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How One Teen Is Using Her TikTok Fame To Give Back | NBC Nightly News

With 7.1 million followers (and counting), Charli D’Amelio is one of TikTok’s newest stars. The 15-year-old is using her newfound fame to give back, raising thousands of dollars for a charity that supports people with special needs.
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How One Teen Is Using Her TikTok Fame To Give Back | NBC Nightly News


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  1. She's so nice stop the hate

  2. I don’t like her
    I don’t hate her
    I really don’t care 🤷🏻‍♀️

  3. I feel like Dixie is better looking than Charlie (not saying she isn't pretty tho) and everyone here is raving over her like "she's sooooooooo hoooooooooot" like fr

  4. i'm sorry but she seems fake and definitely did not deserve this much hype.

  5. Honestly, at first I didn’t really understand the hype but now I honestly think she deserves the hype. Charli seems really nice and same with Dixi.

  6. Hold up I thought she was 18 but she 15

  7. She charged over $100 for that meet and greet, which so far has only happened once, and only less than 10% went to charity. In all fairness, she does seem like a sweet girl just living her own life but it just bothers me that someone like her can get famous basically just because she's pretty

  8. No how come she has all the hype on tik Tok all she does is dance just like everybody else it makes no sense she came outta nowhere just saying (btw I’m not jealous cause tik Tok boys is not a hoe I’m don’t need a boy in my life I Alr have one for a while now I was just putting my opinion out there so don’t come for me)

  9. Bruh..I see so much hate. Like seriously let Charli live her life, she does tik tok for her own enetertainment purposes and it’s just sad that all of you have some ridiculous reason to hate on her, just saying insults about her makes it worse because you don’t know anything about Charli. She seems like such a sweet girl and she doesn’t need that sort of hate, if you dislike her then just don’t watch these types of videos just to tell everyone else of how rude or how bratty she is when you don’t even know her.

  10. Am I the only person who acc likes her I mean she’s just living her life and giving back

  11. Bruh, these girls in her comments are mad because no guy gives them attention like that, they’re just jealous

  12. Why can't you talk about the boy on Tik Tok who dropped out of school to buy a bus and travel around the USA to pick up trash to save our oceans????

  13. Why can't you talk about the boy on Tik Tok who dropped out of school to buy a bus and travel around the USA to pick up trash to save our oceans????

  14. Heyy guys she just gave me her personal snapchat..

  15. Charli I like you the way you are, in my dance performance I did the hype so don’t be ashamed i kinda feel the same way cause some people thought the hype was lame. Don’t worry I am here for you.

  16. i wish u could come to our home town spearville ks

  17. soy el unico que me cae bien charlie 🙂
    y ustedes? :v

  18. she did NOT just make it on tge news

  19. That's literally how much you would usually pay for a meet and greet anyways and plus it was VIP the non VIP one was 20 or something

  20. bruh shes fifteen they tryna get us a case

  21. If your reading this your not first

  22. ok when i made the unpopular opinion video and said she didnt deserve the hype-i didnt mean she isnt awesome!!!! shes a wonderful person, she just doesnt need ALL the hype. she is amazing!!

  23. She literally CHARGED 100$ for a meet and greet

  24. her big sisters prettier

  25. It’s annoying how people say “Dixie deserves the hype”. Bruh they’re sisters 🤦‍♂️

  26. Keep dancing young lady!! … Shake off the haters!! 😍🙏😍

  27. I think i have cancer after watching this video

  28. Mush if u dont like hate private ur vids

  29. In her comments yall be like she needs hype like wtf

  30. Still don’t know what’s the hypes for. I mean I don’t hate her but I’m not obsessed with her.

  31. she's such a sweetheart thooo like why the hate

  32. loveeeeee how they didn’t show the video of her twerking

  33. I follow her on tik tok and did her mr.bubblegum dance

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