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How SeaWorld Is Changing Since Killer Whale Controversies | NBC Nightly News

A number of travel companies announced they will no longer sell SeaWorld tickets after the theme park chain came under fire for its use of orcas, also known as killer whales, in entertainment shows. The brand pledged to stop breeding orcas and now says that it’s changing those shows to be less about tricks and dancing and more about education.» Subscribe to NBC News: http://nbcnews.to/SubscribeToNBC
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How SeaWorld Is Changing Since Killer Whale Controversies | NBC Nightly News


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  1. If a orca eats a fish finally!! Someone knows about the circle of life you see mufasa is right

  2. The curved dorsal fin is also caused by stress as well

  3. I guess there's a reason we didn't name them "ocean ponies"

    You're not a killer whale trainer. You make them do unnatural acts by withholding a food source.

    You're a killer whale fuckwither. You fuckwith killer whales.

    Killer whale eats fish – ok

    Killer whale eats the person who fuckswith them by withholding the fish – even better

    That's all from a Doug Stanhope bit but it's more true than anything.

  4. Delusional Blackfish people thought SeaWorld was going to close? LMAO. Glad SeaWorld is doing fine 😂

  5. Go to seaworld all the time and still will support them either way .When you go to the shows you see the bond the trainers have with the whales.Yes it can be sad that there in such a confined area but they cant be released, there not wild anymore and wouldn't survive.Theres alot more that they do at seaworld's to help out in the wild ,its not all about the orcas.They have a conservation team that saves animals in wild and am sure they've helped save more animals in the sea than any of you have .

  6. Lolita needs to be focused on Now. Whales need to be retired to Sea Pens. It can be done. Read the SeaWorld books by the trainers and see how these whales suffer everyday.

  7. Funny that those travel agencies are refusing to sell tickets to any place with captive cetaceans, like certain zoos and aquariums- SeaWorld, Mystic Aquarium, Georgia Aquarium, Brookfield Zoo, and others BUT they won't stop selling to Disney World, even though Animal Kingdom has bottlenose dolphins.

    This is all about getting more money, and has nothing to do with animal welfare. If it was about animal welfare, they'd realize that those places take good care of their animals. Even if they are inherently against cetaceans in captivity, they wouldn't be two-faced and give Disney a pass.

    It's unfortunate that so many people don't understand the role that zoos and aquariums play in conservation- captive breeding, education, research, and funding research in the field are all part of what zoos and aquariums do- SeaWorld included.

    Unfortunately, conservation is so underfunded that many people have to do month or even years of volunteer work before they see pay. You'd make more washing dishes or working a cashier unfortunately. At least zoos and aquariums grant money to help fund programs so they can actually pay their workers.

  8. Seaworld needs to release these majestic orcas made to live in the oceans with their families.. !!!


  10. Didn't Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau (liberal) and Virginia governor Ralph Northam (liberal) recently get into trouble for "Black Fish?"

  11. Don't forget to blame on the people. Supply and demand. No viewers no show.

  12. Yasss It's Soo Sad,Its terrible.They do Belong in The Wild With There Real Family!!!

  13. all the people who work with whales should be in a maximum security prison….tell us how great it is to be in captivity…SEAWORLD SUCKS

  14. Whale eats a fish in front of kids nooooo we are scaring the kid

    Mom and dad eats KFC kids is gonna turn into joker

  15. These tanks look super small for 2-4 whales. It's not fun; it's cruel.

  16. They're heartless for even continuing to use whales for any form of entertainment.

  17. These animals are our equals in the ocean. They are prisoners being held in captivity. Stop this torture now.

  18. This is BS! They aren’t doing nearly enough. Maybe (maybe) it is true the orcas can’t be released into the wild. But they could fence off a bay and release all the captive orcas in it and supplemental feed them. Yes, it would be expensive but Sea world owes them this as slavery reparations. They made billions off them and now it’s time to pay them back.

  19. ANIMAL ABUSERS Greedy for the $ SAME MIAMI SEA AQUARIUM Horrible ABUSE TO LOLITA the Orca DAILY BEEN ABUSE MORE THAN 40 YEARS SHAME on People still pays to see Animals been abuse ! here in MIAMI !

  20. WAKE UP! Seaworld, and "see" the world. You will continue to disgust any thinking individual.

  21. Calling them Orcas would be a good start.

  22. let them go now!!!!!!!!!!! why wait why???????

  23. We`re just one more Free Willy sequel away from no more orca in captivity.

  24. Omg, it makes No difference how you “change” Sea World!! You are killing these wild animals and shame on you and your company. No orca should ever have been put in a box to entering the evil Sea World company all the for sake of financial gain!! You will have to answer to a higher power on destroying these beautiful orcas.

  25. Let the Orcas go free. Boycott sea world.

  26. We should get closer to these animals in more personal and deeper manner. We should eat them. They're delicious!

  27. It’s sick how ppl who work with these animals are so selfish, and they are so narcissistic that they think they are special.

  28. ..I think it's time to retire the old ways of showing the unique – no more circuses…no more water circuses…. I wish I could trust Seaworld enough to believe them when they claim they are 'changing' how Orca are..treated. One of the main things that has to stop is the captive breeding…This vid mentions a stoppage in 2016..three years ago. Did they, really ….

  29. I could not believe sea world. Just another way to make money off the cruel and inhuman treatment off orcas. These parks that keep any sea life in captivity should have been shut down many years ago, shame on them. It’s our responsibility in the U.S. to put and end to it as well as other countries that are guilty of worse treatment to orcas and other critical sea life. You can do something your voice maters.

  30. I don't think changing the purpose of the show changes the fact that you took the whales…😓

  31. The whales and Dolphins are incredibly intelligent & should be left to live their lives at peace and unafraid of human cruelty. Leave them alone !

  32. 😂 Even whales get better treatment 😒 Depressing.

  33. 👍👍 Glad to see some changes being made but they never should have been captured in the first place

  34. Sea world needs to rethink their purpose. You got the brand make a real change. Should have gotten into animated movies long ago… you wouldn’t need real whales or dolphins or any intelligent animals for profit… sometimes it’s okay to admit your business model is outdated and It sucks. Look at dominos…

  35. If a whale eats a fish in front of a child?? So what, that's life… #FreeShamoo

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