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How The Duchess Of Cambridge Spent Her 37th Birthday

Birthday well wishes for the Duchess of Cambridge poured in yesterday from the royal family’s various social-media channels. The Instagram accounts of Kensington Palace and Clarence House, the home of Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall, thanked followers for the messages of congratulations received, while the royal family’s blue-ticked account used the day as an opportunity to highlight some of the Duchess’s engagements since she returned from maternity leave in October – all glowing portraits, of course.

Prince William spent the day apart from his wife, as he carried out his first royal duty of the new year. He assured members of the London Air Ambulance at the Royal London Hospital that he had not forgotten the Duchess’s birthday, however. “Thank you for remembering,” he said as he was presented with a card to pass on, adding “I did remember this morning, so I was okay.”

If sources are to be believed, the Duchess is not a birthday person. “Kate’s not into big birthday celebrations, but [Prince] George and [Princess] Charlotte adore birthday cake, so there will be a special tea party at the Palace with candles and presents,” a source told Vanity Fair.

That statement could be grounded in as much factual accuracy as the reported feud between the Fab Four, but one thing is for certain: the royal family’s increasing use of social media is indicative of the new ways it is trying to move forward in a modern era.


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