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How The United Kingdom's Health-Care System Works

As politicians in the US debate the best health-care policies to replace the current system, the United Kingdom’s National Health Service enjoys huge support from the vast majority of Britons. Despite the high reports of satisfaction with system, many in the UK are calling for reform of the NHS, especially following the UK’s departure from the European Union. Here’s how the NHS works and what reforms may be coming.

CORRECTION (March 6, 2020): At 9:20, a video graphic misspelled the name of Holly Jarman, an assistant professor at the University of Michigan.

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How The United Kingdom’s Health-Care System Works


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  1. Why you have to pay for hospital when you already paying tax.

  2. Whilst it's not perfect, I thank G-d a lot that I have it… Especially through these scary times. 👀😬❤️🇬🇧

  3. One of the greatest crimes happening in the UK is the Tory government purposefully under funding of the NHS. But this pandemic has shown how fantastic and precious the NHS is, the proudest thing we have in the UK. NHS is the one thing I know everyone absolutely is thankful for and respects back home

  4. Bernie has a better idea get the NHS there

  5. The NHS makes me proud to be British!

  6. As a Brit, I only used the NHS once in my life when I was a year old but members of my family needed it when they were at their worst and they wouldn't be here today had it not been for the NHS. I am sure that the Americans have wonderful doctors, some of whom are among the best in their trade, but the system they operate on is not what you'd expect from a developed country. The moment Americans stop looking at it as socialised healthcare and start looking at it as universal healthcare, then maybe one day you guys can have your own National Health Service. Sadly, big egos are stopping that from happening.

  7. I worked in USA, everytime I went to my doctor, I had to pay $20 to see her. In England nothing. Every prescription I get, because I'm over 60, nothing. In USA my asthma meds, $160 every month. And I was in well paid employment with my employer providing an insurance plan, but each year they tried to get a cheaper deal, which meant having to pay a bit more out of our own pockets, and sometimes having to change doctors because the new plan wasn't accepted by my old doctor, or the new insurer didn't have that doctor or dentist on their list

  8. Very recently in Ireland I had an accident during school and I had to get 8 stitches on my face. I paid a total amount of €0. The school payed for it through a contribution fund we pay each school year (around €125). I can't imagine how much that would have cost in the US.

  9. Just remember who saved your life Boris. I hope that all NHS gets the rewards it deserves

  10. It's not socialist. The UK is not a socialist country. The NHS is common sense that puts health before those who profit from the misfortunes of others; like in America.

  11. So grateful that we in the UK have the NHS. As a 25 year old man from the UK I would like to share my experience.

    I was born with a heart defect. And had 3 open heart ops thanks to the NHS and need a op about every 10 years and yearly check up Which would cost "God knows" how much in the states around $170,000 (for the ops I looked it up), multiply that by 3 for myself = $510,000. (Holy sh1t!!!).

    The NHS is paid by our National insurance tax when working. I've always had 1st class service with the NHS, Consultants, GPs. We do have to pay for prescription drugs unless you are on a welfare benefit, but the prices of prescriptions are £9.00. (roughly $11.50). With A & E / ER there's normally is a wait of about 2hours before you're seen by a nurse, obviously depends on emergency ambulances.

    With Dental there is the NHS dental or there is private (I use private) which is a check up every 6 months =£25. A clean and polish can be up to £75 a time used about every 10 months. Opticians is a free eye test every 2 years, anything before that 2 years you have to pay £35.

    The problem we have with the NHS is nothing to do with the NHS but many people from mainland Europe and other places who need a doctor or any type of surgery just hop on a plane and use and abuse our NHS, get treated then go back to their country all while paying nothing except a flight to get her to the UK.

    We are trying to reform the NHS to cut out this loop hole, so if people do come from mainland Europe or anywhere else to use our health system there will be a mandatory donation system to help with the costs of their visit to the NHS.

    Sorry for the long message but I just wanted to give my story of the wonderful National Health Service. I am not just a long term patient of the NHS but also an employee of the NHS. Many thanks for reading this. Stay well. Regards from Dan.

  12. Hi just a thought from a teacher from many years ago who described the way the UK social and welfare system works. Think of a big pot that everyone puts money into, when we need to wethen can take out of the pot. The pot pays for the NHS and other welfare. Just on a side not I think it would be suicidal for any government to change the NHS with the virus here, it needs more funding more doctors, nurses and less administration.

  13. We nearly all love our national health service. We have been looking after each others health since WW2.

  14. I think it's strange to frame this as there being a debate in the UK about how to pay for healthcare. There really isn't. Just whether or not it's getting enough cash in any given year.

  15. People need to help push for legislation to take the NHS off of the negation table once and for good. If everyone signed the petition or wrote a letter to their MP, it would be wrapped up safely before close of year.

  16. Worth noting the UK has had it for a while and we have a much smaller population and we spend most of our gdp on healthcare. Whereas in the US they have a massive population and a tight gdp spending.

  17. Bernie isn't far left. He is a moderate when looked at from a world perspective. The NHS is not looked on as "socialist" (whatever that means); it is embraced by the mainstream Conservatives through the social democratic Liberal Party to the whole of the Labour Party support. Only right wing economic hawks (equivalent to the Freedom Caucus in the States) want to change the system towards privatisation. Many of the deficiencies of the NHS are due to the ruling Conservative Party opting to give tax breaks to the rich rather than benefits to the poor. Trump is widely regarded as an insincere lunatic liar.

  18. The NHS is not free. We are taxed heavily for it. It is also not equal. You get better care depending on where you live. I have had mostly subpar care and on two occasions, amazing care. My local surgery is so busy it takes weeks to get an appointment. And you must get their approval to go private. My GP actually refused to give me a referral to go private. He didn't think I needed an MRI after a car accident. Neither did the hospital doctors. SPOILER: I did. Emergency? Be prepared to wait 4 to 6 hours. Honestly, Having received care in France and America too, they seem to have better care. America just needs to make sure all Americans have insurance and cut down on the profiteering. Simple. In Britain, we often discuss "the nanny state". Our government sometimes does too much. Boat loads of rules and regulations. The intentions are honorable but it is an imperfect system that cannot last given the strain. Perhaps the Aussies have the answer. I hear rave reviews from friends who have relocated there. I know they pay for things we don't, but it seems to be a better system. It is based on our system, but with improvements that allow it to adapt to the changing times. And the fees are affordable, not like the hidden costs in America. If you are poor, America must be a nightmare.

  19. corona virus death rate
    UK = 15.5%.
    USA = 5%.
    UK prime minister begging Trump for help.
    nuff said?

  20. America has always struggled with socialism because they always think its communism. Well yes the extreme side does lead you into a communistic role but that's why with any system you need a balance.

    The NHS is amazing! When I was out of work I could still see a doctor, I still had hospital treatment and I could still get my medication. If I was living in America I wouldnt of been able to do that. I mean I couldn't even afford my medication now, one of my medications is like $200 per vial, I pay £9 for 4 vials.

    The NHS is like a massive pot of money, everyone pays in the government dedicates a portion of the budget to supporting it, those who earn more pay more those who earn less pay less. It's free at point of access. If you want private health care it's still there, you'll be in the same hospital, seeing the same nurses and doctors and eating the same food, just on the NHS you dont have to pay anything over 10k for it, depending on what it is. The biggest issue facing the NHS is its purpose was to get the health of the nation back up after WW2. The treatments they do now are so expensive it has to make hard decisions on who it will and wont treat which does mean if you havent got the money you wont get the treatment as private will be your only option if the NHS says no.

  21. I pay tax and national insurance, on an income of 45000$ so about 8000$ I'm happy with that

  22. Long live the wonderful NHS. I am NOT a socialist, but I believe in the nhs 100%. Like others have said it’s common sense. What kind of society let’s it’s poorly citizens die in pain because they are poor?! I am very proud to be British and a huge part of this pride is because of our nhs!

  23. The NHS is fantastic. If you become ill in later life, could be insulin dependant, cancer etc it's all free… Also if someone has never worked in their life have children, it's still free… If Gov wants to go private, the people should have a referendum and vote on what they want.

  24. the best part is that if the nhs was funded properly it would be even better

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