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How the Xbox Adaptive Controller works (and why it matters) at CES 2019

How the Xbox Adaptive Controller works (and why it matters) at CES 2019

The Xbox Adaptive Controller is a plug-and-play gamepad that enables people with disabilities to dive into their favorite games, with their unique hardware accessories, more easily than ever. Engadget sits down with James Shields from the Xbox Adaptive Controller team for a demonstration and discussion about what this gamepad means for players, now and in the future.

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  1. That definitely was a Wii Nunchuck

  2. Faith in Humanity restored. Good Job Microsoft 👏👏👏

  3. The single-joystick controllers for this thing look like a Wii accessory known as the "nunchuck".

  4. Its so adaptive that it adapts.

  5. so essentially the just recreated DDR for all games ?

  6. It's nice to see the steam controller rebranded as a Microsoft product

  7. Imagine the possibility of selling mini games with specific kits of controllers and attachments – the world of Wiimote controller extensions all over again!

  8. I am not disabled and hate xbox but I see so many uses for this other then just making gaming easy for people with disabilities. I personally will use this to play call of duty and other fps games as a more advanced scuff controller. I can use the joystick to run and aim and plug another one in to shoot but can use a foot pedal to jump and another one to slide or drop in games or use left foot to switch weapons. I also see you could use this in a modified way to map multiple buttons together which would be alsome as well. I do believe using this and the elite controller in a modified way would also allow for advanced movements in games. I will say I now like xbox granted I will be using this controller on ps4 but thank you xbox.

  9. This is a noble use of engineering and resources. Good job Microsoft.

  10. Am I the only one who sees this as awesome for playing flight games….games like MechWarrior ect…..

  11. MS only wants to talk about people with disabilities when it comes to this product (of COURSE it's a huge market, though one that lots of us know little or nothing about), but it's so insanely userful to MAKERS too!!! You could build an entire escape room with just one one these things, let alone multiple! What about running a gameshow? And the possibilities in VR are MENTAL!!! 😁

  12. the only controller that doesn’t get stick drift

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