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How to buy a gaming laptop

How to buy a gaming laptop

It used to be tough to find an ideal gaming laptop — one that didn’t feel like a sack of bricks and have awful battery life. Now we have the opposite problem: There are a ton of great options!

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  1. Steps on how to buy gaming laptop


  2. Best answer: Dont. unless you absolutuley need the mobility

  3. Awesome video with a chock full of information and right to the point without any gibberish ,thanks !

  4. The Dell G3, G5, G7 burn the HDD and they get toast if you are an intensive gamer or long gaming sessions they died in a matter of weeks, they pack a lot in a bad interior airflow design. Try to avoid.

  5. no acer predator helios 500? and not to mention half of the laptops he mentioned are notorious with thermal throttling due to the 8750h

  6. It's funny that his last name sounds like HARDWARE lol

  7. this looks more like a dell sponsored video……talking about gaming laptop and not mention MSI or asus which makes that much more quality gaming laptops. HP only has limited gaming laptops which is not even the top machines.

  8. That dota2 clip was like 5 years old… nice try son… almost fooled me into buying a trash…

  9. People commenting about bullding a PC on a video about gaming laptops.


  10. No acer nitro 5? No Helios 300?? Seems like the video is sponsored by Dell. I would rather go for nitro 5 or helios 300 than dell g3 or g5. These acer laptops costs waaaaay less and offers much better value than that overpriced dell g series laptops ffs.

  11. Save the money buy 1080p if I want higher resolution displays get a monitor cuz 4k on a laptop screen ain't great and eats through Ur battery and lowering the resolution makes it looked worse than a native 1080p…

  12. How to buy a gaming laptop

    1. Don't

  13. Step 1: Money
    Step 2:Gaming Laptop or Girlfriend

  14. I just build my PCs it’s pretty easier and so much cheaper than a prebuilt

  15. Did you seriously call Alienware "middle-range" 😆🤣😆🤣😆🤣😆

  16. This guys reviews are good

  17. Flashback to Verge PCB video.

  18. Lots of laptop ads lately, manufacturers frantic to sell their old stuff before rtx 20 laptops come out

  19. If you have the money.. get the best with the Razer Blade. I love my 1070 8gig.

    Definitely skip the 4k option… opt for 144hz if you can at 1080p. Battery life is something you are going to have to look into. I get 6 hours with by laptop, moderate use.

  20. How to buy a gaming laptop.


  21. msi or razer. thats it

  22. Just bought a zephyrus m gtx 1070

  23. Whats about AMD?We are not stupid to see ,you are paid to say that for intel.

  24. SINCE WHEN is an ALIENWARE "mid-range"????

  25. If you want to game just buy a console for a few hundred dollars

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