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How to Clean Your House After a Big Party

Sometimes, throwing a dinner party hardly feels worth the trade-off of the subsequent cleanup. After all, dealing with piles of dirty pots and pans and a floor full of crumbs is no fun, especially if it’s past midnight and you’re already halfway to hungover. You could cut corners with easy-to-chuck paper or plastic dishes, but the real ones look and feel so much better.

But the chaos doesn’t have to feel overwhelming if you go at it systematically. Here, seven tips for making it painless.

1. Don’t bring your garbage to the trash bag. Bring the trash bag to your garbage. Start by collecting all of the trash and putting it straight into a heavy-duty garbage bag. Scrape food scraps off of plates, chuck all of the dirty napkins, and collect all of the empty wine and beer bottles in a separate bag for recycling. As soon as you’re done, tie up the bags and take them completely out of sight. Then take a moment to savor your sense of accomplishment. I told you this was going to be painless!


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