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How To Make A Viral Real Estate Video

How To Make A Viral Real Estate Video

This over-the-top real estate ad recently went viral. Ana Kasparian, Maytha Alhassen, and Helen Hong hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. MORE TYT: https://tyt.com/trial

Read more here: https://mashable.com/article/real-estate-video-australia/

“Well, here’s just one way to stand out from your peers.

An ad promoting a luxury home in the Sydney, Australia suburb of Padstow is getting plenty of attention on the internet, thanks to how utterly over the top it is.

The video, initially posted by real estate agency LJ Hooker Bankstown, features a significant amount of choreographed dancing and jumping on benchtops. Why? Beats us.”

Hosts: Ana Kasparian, Maytha Alhassen, Helen Hong

Cast: Ana Kasparian, Maytha Alhassen, Helen Hong


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Young Turk (n), 1. Young progressive or insurgent member of an institution, movement, or political party. 2. A young person who rebels against authority or societal expectations. (American Heritage Dictionary)

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  1. Why would anyone want a house with a giant window fronts 10 m away from the street?

  2. Not worth a serious discussion. The real estate video is cheezy as hell. My guess, the male model rides a Harley on nice days. Fashion of "the bad ass".

  3. This video was fun, thank you for sharing it.

  4. yup some women are either lesbian or never saw a dick. to say this clip looks like porn is too much for some low intelligence quotient brains. the only objection could be made on the budget not many young couples afford. so this clip is hypocritical in tone

  5. Hookers and coke baby. Only one that might buy is dusty when he retires. All jokes aside it's in a shitty location.

  6. 100 bucks says neither of these three woman have ever actually seen a penis.

  7. Fabulous ad, the idea is for the potential buyers to love the house, all of it! to think beyond the price and realise its potential. No one was naked!!!

  8. I think more cenk and less ana suits young Turks better, though she didn’t do a bad impression of Ben Shapiro I gotta say

  9. The young Turks used to be progressive now they support shitty gentrified ads and BS. Yes Ana having a multimillion dollar home with really nice tiles and driving $100,000 car is nice but goes against every single thing that you complain about and all these videos hypocritical. Reminds me a couple of years ago when you were talking about how when people get in front of you when you’re in your BMW with your red seats how angry you get cussing and yelling and wanting to cut them back off.

  10. Ana should let the brown refugees into her rich neighborhood and newly renovated home.

  11. It's funny the real estate company name is "LJ Hooker Bankstone"

  12. Get this company to promo Craigslist item by item!

  13. oh PLEASE LIGHTEN UP 😂😂😂😂😂

  14. Phony, fake, shallow, nauseating, and just stupid. Most ppl who live in such homes have no moral fiber (and the majority of them directly or indirectly stole that wealth from the common ppl), indifferent to the plight of most of our ppl…and are miserable mofo's, but try to hide that misery by keeping themselves busy with their many other materialistic pursuits and/or drugged up in one form or another. And they're bored with it all (so they keep buying, thinking bigger and better is gonna get it…but it never does), horrified by the mystery of their own existence and mortality. They run from real real life, drowning in all their earth-killing material sh*t. Those who aspire to such an existence reek of child-like ignorance, just totally disconnected from the above-mentioned real reality… The worst thing though is the hypocrisy of someone wanting such a home/life and at the same time reporting on our dying planet with empty concern about it… You think homes like that aren't contributing significantly to the ills of our ppl and our planet? Oh, YOU shouldn't be the one to make such a "sacrifice" to help heal our planet, that's for OTHER ppl? Oh, well alrighty then.

  15. 2:00 My interest in this video went up 2,000 percent. Say what now woman in the middle?

  16. I'm sure you'd do them, but too bad nobody would do you, ugly b!tch. What a cringe even without these 3 dogs opening mouth.

  17. Lol we need a spray bottle for the lady in the middle she was ready for some Gustavo 🤣😂🤣

  18. Love the ad, very clever marketing strategy that's got everyone's attention. Hate all you want but the promotion game is genius! Shout out Vybe Entertainment

  19. The dumbest ad I have ever seen.

  20. This is amazing! we appreciate your discussion on our performance 🙂


  22. You guys, they overlapped the song they originally had on the ad video with some weird dubstep sh*t. They had a pretty alluring song with their promo ad.

  23. I need to go to the bathroom for a few minutes….

  24. No one mentioned the Fatal Attraction hair

  25. Haha…the commercial is stupid. Sorry.

  26. You would all do well to take financial advice from these brilliant women. Calcutta Marble WOW!!!!! Interior design "GASP". I know when I go house hunting the main thing I look for is two freaks dancing in front of my face.

  27. It's just a VERY normal music video used as an ad…minus any music artists.

  28. I'm offended by this because of the music. Could have been something more sensual.

  29. "I hope they wipe everything down after" ppffftttt

  30. Australians are prudes lol. The same people upset by the ad probably haven't seen a movie since E.T.

  31. The commercial is basically if "Dancing with the Stars" somehow did a crossover with "Property Brothers".

  32. Ummm … You can find a porn site that features "real estate agent" as a category … LMAO !

  33. She looks like beetlejuice

  34. Not sure if there are any Australians commenting on this but for the Americans, this is getting heat for cultural reasons. Australians historically look down on the showing off of opulence. We see it as trying to hard, of being a tosser. This video is an example of that. We do the Tall Poppy Syndrome really hard over here

  35. I was really nervous they were gonna call sexism when it's just kinda dumb and funny, glad they covered this like normal people

  36. Getting up around noon it really sucks I have severe depression and it's just how the universe wanted me to be like today

    I dont know what I will wear I probably donked up by wearing what I was supposed to wear today on Monday or something like that

    Does it really matter though the universe already has everything planned out I cant stop poopie

  37. Now get ready for mama June bustin this out to sell her trailer!!!

  38. I want to see them dancing through a three bedroom split level ranch in my state of Illinois.

  39. Anyone who finds that advertisement offensive is a prude who belongs in a different century. Beautiful people, doing titillating things, in order to garner attention for their product is an advertising gimmick that goes way back.

  40. Is the woman a dude in drag ?

  41. Okay people hear me out here

    Why is TYT a political news company covering this unpolitical video on their main program

    I know that they have other programs like “the happy half hour” and “the old school”
    Which are programs that don’t really cover much to on politics just

    But and correct me if I’m wrong isn’t the main program supposed to be simply about American politics?

  42. Like the house but not sure I’d buy a house with that big a window lol

  43. This is total a FLUFF PEICE: Who cares??? Why are you NOT doing FOLLOW UPS on how TRUMP IS INNOCENT OF COLLUSION? How
    CNN created FAKE TRUMP NEWS for over 2 years!!! How a FAKE PRESIDENTIAL INVESTIGATION created by the Democrats and
    the FBI cost YOU the TAX PAYER $40 MiLLION in legal and overtime FBI expenses!!! Who do WE HOLD RESPONSIBLE for this 

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