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How to Master the Watercolor Eye Makeup Trend – Pastel Makeup Tips

I’ve never met Cara Delevigne, Lucy Boynton, or Sunmi, so I could be wrong when I say the only thing we all really have in common is the fact that we’ve experimented with the latest colorful eye makeup trend. Over the past two weeks, all of these famous ladies, plus yours truly, have covered their lids with dreamy, multicolored splashes of eye shadow. The trend doesn’t officially have a name, but I’m going to go on the record calling it watercolor eye makeup.

You don’t have to be an actress, model, K-pop star, beauty editor, or any profession of the like to execute the artsy aesthetic on your own face, though. It’s a fun way to take advantage of as many of the new bright eye shadow options available at once (at least, that’s what my reasoning was). I’m not a makeup artist, but I’ve been able to create a couple of variations of watercolor makeup. Needless to say, you don’t either, so I figured now was as good of a time as any to share my tips for it.

1. Pick Your Vibe

Depending on what color combination you choose, watercolor eye makeup can take on a completely different vibe. However, the etherealness and technique more or less stay the same.

For Delevingne’s red carpet appearance at the London premiere of “Carnival Row,” makeup artist Lisa Eldridge created a sunset effect with lemon yellow, tangerine, and bubblegum pink shadow.

Boynton’s go-to makeup artist Jo Baker gave the trend a rainbow sherbert twist with pastel hues while the actress was in Venice, Italy, recently.

K-pop star Sunmi, on the other hand, went neon with it for her new song “날라리 (Lalalay),” thanks to her makeup artist Gun Hee. She also added black winged liner

2. Gather Tools

Obviously, you’ll need eye shadow for watercolor eye makeup. I’ve been reaching for all three of the Huda Beauty Neon Obsession Palettes for one look because they have a good balance of pastel and fluorescent shades. The orange one is especially amazing for Delevingne’s sunset fantasy.


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