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How to Stay Healthy Until You’re 105 (It’s In Your Gut) | Dr. Steven Gundry on Health Theory

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This week’s guest on Health Theory is Dr. Steven Gundry. Steven Gundry is a cardiothoracic surgeon, researcher and author who has performed over 10,000 surgeries throughout his 40-year career. In this episode, he talks about the impact our diets have on our health, why the gut is the source of our health, and how to stay young at any age.

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Watch Dr. Gundry’s first interview on Health Theory: https://youtu.be/q4KfKapvnuI

The myths of aging [01:52] Why aging starts in the gut [03:28] How to gut actually works [07:55] Why glyphosate is everywhere [10:18] Why we’re thinking about heart disease all wrong [12:18] What are lectins and why are they so dangerous? [16:49] The role of fat in areas of inflammation [19:32] How your immune system reacts to misplaced bacteria [22:59] Why amyloid plaques aren’t the cause of dementia [26:09] What is the APOE-4 gene mutation?[29:04] How fecal microbial transplants may fix your gut [30:39] Is the key to health in the holobiome? [35:12] Why women are more able to listen to their gut [37:03] The potential causes of autism [38:15] Foods that can improve your gut health [41:57] Why exercise can prevent Alzheimer’s [44:05] The importance of “washing” your brain [46:10] Why olive oil is miraculous [49:35]

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  1. gray hair, do not learn from this guy. gray hair is reversible. and stay away from oils all of them. are bodies need very low oil amounts

  2. Who takes antibiotics just because ?!?!!😳😳😳

  3. Whats is that kikama plant that he mentioned ?

  4. So that means all the infections in the body are connected, unlike the doctors in hospital will tell you.

  5. I wonder if Dr Gundry was born on a Monday?

  6. i'm so interested in this .
    So if you had your appendix out we are more susceptible to what exactly?

  7. This video makes me think that traditional foods where you from have more meanings than traditions.

  8. high dr. gundry…
    what you say bout liposomal vit c..?

  9. Thanks for the video! Lot's of great info on healthy lifestyle. I used link to BBLock! I ordered! I will post about our experience in a month. God Bless!!

  10. And people say there is no God. We are beyond complex not to see God in our design

  11. I got affected by hashimoto and hypothyroidism. Just by changing my diet I could reverse it!!My doctor couldn't believe it! My autoantibodies went completely down and my thyroid is healthy again. I don t need any drug for it!

  12. Dr. Gundry exercise is not house work nor rubbing floors. There is a difference between exercise and physical activity. Cleaning the house is a form of physical activity – it’s not Exercise.

  13. His "Opinions" suck LOL…..He's just a slick salesman for the stupid. Foods with Lectins? Lectins are destroyed when you cook the food! He's a good BS'er and nobody needs more BS. The USA already has too much for too long!! Nobody can BS like a Doctor can,they think enerybody else is stupid.

  14. 75 years old man , he looks younger .

  15. Does he ever say why pressure cooked vegetables are ok to eat ?

  16. I had a strong feeling that canned vegetables are actually easier to digest .
    I was raised on alot of canned vegetables. Hardly ever eat them anymore.

  17. He talks exactly like the guy in the movie dodge ball , the one worh the asian wife . Its uncanny

  18. "NEVER TAKE ADVICE FROM SOMEONE WHO MAKES MONEY OFF YOU BEING SICK" so doctors know about glysophate but they dont do anything about it. They dont contact the president or do anthing about it! But a few ppl will believe the other crap they tell!

  19. But Doc…..what about the poor cows who dont have the right enzymes to digest all the grain idiots have been feeding them to fatten them up quicker?? Dont you want to mention that problem? and K2 is what gets rid of artery crap…and that comes from grass fed animals! and what about the bad bacteria it causes FROM animals being forced to eat wrong foods that they cant digest and the poor pl who eat the unhealthy cow?? Etc etc etc! Or do you just want to do like the idiots do,just keep blaming that problem on other foods!

  20. My grandmother walked a least a mile every day until she passed at the age of 94. She was as sharp as anyone at that age.

  21. This guy is a game changer!

  22. This guy is full of it. Not only is he an MD. The opposite of nutrition expert. Not too mention all the expensive suppliments and face creams he sells. Tried his diet. It's BS. The only way is plant based and stop eating processed foods. Beans are essential for health and you can boil the Lectins out of them easily. He's a fraud

  23. Hard to believe all this. Seems a little over confident.

  24. This is a great topic. We need more programs as this. Educational to no end!
    Thank you!


  26. This is life changing valuable information for me. Thank you so much for this video!

  27. Wonderful information. Could you have the information of COW microbiome which might be beneficial to humans who eat cow milk , yoghurt etc

  28. Lol. It's called gut feeling for a reason.

  29. This guy is not growing younger😀

  30. Wifey and I are on a daily regimen of D3, K2. 5 to 10,000IU D3 and 125 to 250mcg.

  31. Thanks for this. Down with leaky gut!

  32. Kimchi for a healthy gut?

  33. This guy looks like he can’t even run around the block.
    Gut mucus is twice the thickness with people living in tribes, protecting the lining of the gut.
    We don’t eat like we use to, for sure, even from a hundred years ago, all this meat and processed foods, and chemicals.
    Fresh food and high fibre eating populations also have a rainforest of microbiology in their gut. The average American diet eater has between 600 to 1000 different bacteria and in blue zones they have on average 1600 different species of bacteria in the gut.

  34. Can I cure my leaky gut by kissing my healthy wife al day long……, or like her pussy?

  35. 42:18 a cure mancia??????
    Anyone who knows the right spelling

  36. We all going to die some day family and friends it’s part of life. Live life as a gift and love your family while we can tomorrow never promise

  37. Around the 40 minute mark you are discussing the autism epidemic. Please invite Dr. Russell Blaylock on your show to discuss immunoexcitotoxicity. Also study the work of Stephanie Seneff and Suzanne Humphries.

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