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How will Apple TV+, Disney+ affect the streaming business? | Just The FAQs

Believe it or not, cable watching is still more popular than streaming, but that is slowly changing. As Disney+ and others join the battle, will streaming remain the cheaper option? 

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  2. You know you made a shit video when youtube recommends an actual video detailing the effects right after it.

  3. If you asked most people 40 yeas ago, would you pay for free radio & tv ;they would have asked why pay for free things?.

  4. You wasted my time and your time, but I feel bad for you for creating such a useless video

  5. So if Disney takes out its movies from Netflix, then Netflix should reduce its subscription price!

  6. 😍💕😩😑😑😍😩😍😑😍😩😍🚔😏💎

  7. I learned nothing from this lmao

  8. I like my Roku stream stick
    F the Disney cult

  9. 0:10 what the hell is peacock, never heard of it

    Never mind I just googled it. Its NBC, why would I pay for that trash soap opera tv

  10. Philo is the best it just don't have sports cheap to 21.to tax included

  11. Disney + is the only one I’m mildly interested in

  12. remember that ajit pai guy?

    this is that

  13. This is clickbait garbage.

  14. I'm a cord cutter meaning, I average 42 over the air stations from my outside antenna and I got unlimited free stuff on Roku and a massive dvd library.

  15. People only have cable TV because cable companies include it as part of a package of phone, internet and TV. So it becomes a bit cheaper that way. They intentionally make it cost ineffective to get JUST internet

  16. I'd agree this is some hardcore clickbait. You did not talk about how it would affect streaming business… or the consumer just that consumers will subscribe to more because there are more available? WOW, thanks USA Today. Crazy why I'm not subscribed.

  17. Lol moochers. That would be me

  18. Well.i got Verizon so I can try the Disney for free for awhile. If I like it maybe I'll keep it.

  19. Now it'll be Disney plus+ and thrust

  20. I clicked on this expecting to see how it would actually affect people, this tittle is purely clickbait

  21. Won't affect me. I don't subscribe to any streaming service.
    I got Youtube.

  22. Disney is one big giant pedophile factory.

  23. This is cable all over again…😠

  24. Hell…. I stuck a copper close wire in the back of my TV antenna I get 62 channels..

  25. Don't get it twisted. There are 5 that people care about

  26. Don't marry a tv service just pay one month if i want

  27. Disney—— maybe they will stream Jeff Epstein’s violence child sex ring tapes… because they are a bunch of racist rapists criminals…

  28. Well that was uninformative.

  29. I'll be pirating Mandalorian free cause im not paying for squat. Screw disney. Money loving child molesters.

  30. these are scams just like having cable

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