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HP Spectre Folio Hands-On: HP made a laptop out of leather

HP Spectre Folio Hands-On: HP made a laptop out of leather

Buy HP’s Spectre Folio on Amazon: https://amzn.to/2FDMtwm

What’s more luxurious than a MacBook-esque metal laptop case? How about one that’s made out of leather. That’s what HP is betting on with the Spectre Folio, its latest slim convertible. I’m not just talking about a simple leather sleeve, or a bit of cow-hide pasted atop a traditional laptop case. The Spectre Folio is something entirely new.

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  1. 3:18 …it took sooooo long for the screen to rotate. That alone shows me the lack of power on this laptop.

  2. I wish I didn't just get a new laptop because I WANT this!

  3. Can you replace the leather when it wears out

  4. All is well, the detail is the operating system is a maze is not clear, too many parameters. Someday I would like to feel the MacOS , on a notebook; Acer, Asus, DELL, HP, Lenovo, Lg, Samsung, etc.

  5. Is it possible to use a remote monitor with this via a HDMI to USB C cable?

  6. nice design look very fancy

  7. Looking forward to a new trend with it.

  8. SUPER inovative durable and practical. Must be so comfortable to use and protected. I wish all manufacturers follow this trend. HP if you are reading this….. 15 inch would be really nice to see!

  9. Is there a core M configuration?

  10. HP is king of reinventing

    Samsung laptops are boring

  11. Beauty, YES, durability????????

  12. Is leather good for thermals?

  13. Has a similar hinge system to this one been used by another manufacturer before (where the screen folds over the keyboard instead of flipping back behind it)? It looks very familiar but I can't figure out where I've seen it before…

  14. finally something actually different. even steampunk fans might like this.

  15. HP did something this year that Apple couldn't do, MS couldn't do, Google couldn't do and even Amazon couldn't do…. INNOVATE!

  16. now, a reason not to acquire any of the samsung note series. Just save to get this.

  17. It's good but I have a serious doubt about versatility. Leather has a tear down issue. and life will be somewhere between 2 to 3 year. It's good looking but expensive to maintain. My views based on leather.

  18. I'd like to know the performance of its pen. I've been planning to buy an ipad pro with the apple pencil. If the hp comes with the stylus bundle and the writing with its stylus is great, I might buy hp.

  19. I don't need it, I don't have a use for it… but damn if it's not the sexiest thing I've ever seen

  20. a laptop and phone that can change it color would be a super cool feature

  21. Devindez hardawar, you fit you job perfectly, hardware taliking.

  22. Fantastic product, looks really interesting. But this review has some errors. It's 1080p or 4k, the surface hinge is attached to the middle of the display and stop saying leather over and over, we heard you the first eight times. I'd also point out that the reviewer can barely hide his cynicism. Shame, as HP seems to have really pushed the envelope with this.

  23. A 3.2 lbs tablet? No, thank you.

  24. ឡូយណាស់😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  25. The spiritual successor to my Acer R7

  26. lower bezel to big!! its a no!!

  27. I like the foldability. A really nice way to get a 2 in one while keeping all the pros of a real laptop. Leather is a nice touch. Hope there's a refresh next year when it's time to replace my ageing Surface Pro 4

  28. There is no hinge at the top of a Surface display like you mentioned. I own one. The hinge is in the middle of the unit.

  29. good to see some fresh design ideas

  30. 1080p or full hd? Whats the reso of full hd?

  31. Man my hp 360 spectre battery drains even after I shut it down

  32. It would be perfect with a greater performance, at least as good as surface pro.

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