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HP's new Omen gaming laptop packs two screens

HP's new Omen gaming laptop packs two screens

Sorry, it’s not as cool as it sounds.

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  1. Excuse me, but this isn't even a gimmick. Being able to do easy tasks like managing Discord, changing album on Spotify or checking notifications without alt+tabbing out is actually really cool. And being the first Brand Name laptop with Liquid Metal cooling from the factory is really cool and potentially a game changer.

  2. The design look sllek and sick

  3. better off putting any cheap phone there because it will actually have useful apps and software. better yet just have a couple slots for 2 stream decks!

  4. Chinese gamers need an additional phone screen to 'listen' music?

  5. HP and gaming…… pull the other one

  6. They really went all out with the new ds

  7. Nice video but audio sooo low, need to balance the audio better…

  8. I'm actually curious about

    How many people became deaf because of Engadget intro?

  9. HP is one of the best manufacturers when it comes to build quality. I don't like the hinge design but i'm sure its for stability purposes further proving HP has the design with stability in mind first.

  10. Sigh, what an awful design

  11. Weight and battery life are not important it's a high end gaming machine with i9 and RTX2080 what did you expect. Performance/Thermals/Display quality are most important in this segment

  12. Le dual screen
    For the streamsnipers and by the stream snipers 🤣🤣

  13. I dunno what sort of start it'd be at 2100, but you know… kinda cheap even. Crazy high end concepts considered. Then again, it might be that the whole thing only start getting useful at the 3000s, so that depends.

  14. To be fair you'll probably want a cooling pad so you can get one with a nice angle and it might be useful. Plus I find it odd you complain about not knowing the important things like weight and battery life? on a high end gaming laptop with an i9 eight core CPU with liquid metal lol. Really, you think that's the big things on a machine like this?

  15. Volume!??? Lighting?

    And what's that shadow on the top right?

  16. Finally, companies are noting the success of the Nintendo DS.

  17. I welcome any new designs because of these "Testing"

  18. When all a company can do is add gimmicks to sell their products you know they haven't got a clue.


  20. So did razer with their 2012 razer blade.

  21. Along with the first integrated pointing device and a TFT screen, Apple introduced the palm-rests with the PowerBook in 1991; so we didn’t have to f*ck up our wrists, and now in 2019 this? PC people do not understand and underestimate the power of the TouchBar, but this is truly ridiculous.

    And I don’t know who coined the horrible visual identity of gaming laptops, but they really don’t have to be ugly.

  22. Didn't Asus do something very similar? but it was in the mouse pad?

  23. I would buy it, but the design is ugly

  24. Damn ya'll got a hate boner for HP. I get that it's not a good product but ya'll sounded really salty.

  25. I'd make that secondary screen as large as the whole glass coverage it's located under.

  26. Already saw this video in the future

  27. Good thing you guys caught the typo and corrected it.

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