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HTC U11 | Review

HTC U11 | Review

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  1. This almost made go back to HTC but I need to keep my Samsung Pay nowadays I don't even have to take my debit card out the house

  2. Good review. Liked and subscribed👍im torn between this phone or the Essential?

  3. I pre ordered this phone so i got it shortly after release date. I have dropped it sevral times works just fine. But the thing ihave noticed besides great sound both on media and calls. It doesnt even get a bit warm. Its a cool running beast.

  4. Great phone until a armorsuit cover caused water damage on the sd card…. U hear echo in the phone… HTC really let me down.

  5. I have a U11, it's a great phone.

  6. Don't buy this phone. It is junk. Mine failed in less than a month for no reason. Sent it back to HTC expecting an immediate replacement. That was well over a month ago. They can't give me status on the phone and say they are not replacing anything. They are only doing repairs and there is a parts shortage because they are using them all up to build new junk instead of fixing old. Basically a big screw you.

  7. Fucking idiot. Cracked the screen for trying to be artsy. Ha ha ha that's what you get! Arrogance at it's finest

  8. You should stop being so bias in your reviews and actually make an honest one

  9. You can always tell when the Samsung fan boy tries to review another device. There is no phone out that's better than the U 11 and the only two phones that come close to it is the S8 Plus and the G6.

  10. Can you link the wallpaper please?

  11. be good to you by the htc11 now

  12. This guy must be the brother of Jon Velazco, the guy everyone hates. They speak the same way.

  13. What wallpaper are you using there?

  14. Wow that little fall cracked the phone no way for. ME great vid.

  15. Hands down the best phone of 2017 despite not having a headphone jack. The edge sense actually does come in handy. Why did it take so long for this review though?

  16. Htc u11 This phone is shit. First day I had it and I was already having issues with it. Wouldn't charge. Thought I was using a different charger. Bought 2 different original charges. Disconnected my headphones and lost sound after.

  17. Yeah my favourite phone of the year. Already bought one.

  18. This review makes sense when you get to the end. It's sounds like you expected this phone to be a complete dub but are actually surprised how awesome it is. I hope all of these sites do an updated review when these additional features come from HTC updates.

  19. At this time of the year all we need is a full screen with no Bazel and you have a major sale

  20. For something you will drop eventually, glass isn't really a good material. It looks good but impractical.

  21. Phone of the year. HTC is back!

  22. Bring back the One M series

  23. Yes Samsung made a great device. But only the screen is better then the u11 due to the oled technology. But in everything else the u11 wipes the floor with Samsung speed performance speaker, software, camera it's a great device and no lagging like the s8 and don't tell me it doesn't lag as I have one and it does..

  24. sold my galaxy s7 edge to have this htc u11 from day 1. never regretted my decision! i realized that software really is the key for a seamless smartphone experience. other than ios, pixels and htc are the king of android bar none. samsung's touchwiz after 6mos. just started to lag on me no matter how clean and bloatware free my phone is. and the abysmal battery of my s7 edge with combined usage is ridiculous. htc u11 even with the 3ah battery impresses me so much with their power management optimization. ever since day 1 i got 4 important software updates from them. welcome back htc!

  25. Link to that nice wallpaper?

  26. Good video. Glad I was not the only one who gave it such a rave review. I was the first one to review it and everyone thought I was crazy haha.

  27. HTC sense make me want to buy HTC again.

  28. Yo Engadget r u using internet explorer for uploading this video to youtube ? 😀 this phone's been out like 2 months 😀

  29. Phone looks like any other android phone from 3 years ago. Nothing new and exciting, only HTC fanboy would drooled over this phone.

  30. Sorry, but there's nothing exciting about this phone!!
    Display – LG G6
    Design – Samsung S8
    Best Budget – Oneplus 5
    Upcoming Launch – Pixel 2, Samsung S8 Active, Samsung Note 8

    HTC will soon be forgotten!

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