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Huckabee: Fear of Bernie is driving the collapse of Democratic field

Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee delivers insight on the 2020 Democratic presidential field as it narrows down to Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden.

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  1. Biden is an arrogant dipstick.

  2. Relativism is smug intellectual madness.

  3. Bernie spent 30 years in government only to pass 7 trite bills? Biden spent 40 plus years and destroyed AMERICA with the NAFTA DEAL that TRUMP is now turning into the USMCA. Clitory herself just passed a couple of trite bills too, while parading all over the world collecting FAVORS for her FOUNDATION. CRIMINALS ALL OF THEM. Compare all of these corrupt wannabes with TRUMP's mega successful businesses and you can understand how He is the best POTUS EVER!

  4. Bernie Sanders saying That Dictator Fidel Castro was a wonderful saint because children learn to read better it's kind of like the mayor Of Chicago saying that John Wayne Gacy was a wonderful human being because he was a GREAT CHEF!

  5. Bernie is a product of our Godless society.

  6. Clearly he is suffering from some sort of dementia. Would be so dangerous to all of us if he was in office. Just my observation.

  7. Fox business with green background. Fox garbage when will this Network stop. Yuk

  8. Huckabee, remember when you had real moral values? Back before you sold out.

  9. In Canada, some medical procedures have wait times that may be several weeks long, but every Canadian will eventually be treated.  In America, the wait times can be shorter for some procedures because millions of Americans aren’t even in the system.  They can’t afford the thousands of dollars required to qualify for American healthcare, so they get worse and many of hem die.  Blame Republican conservatives for making American healthcare the most expensive and least equitable in the developed world.  Blame the conservatives, and watch them squirm.  And notice the outrageous conservative liars distort the truth in response to this note.

  10. Poor Fuckabee and his fat daughter, always trying to sound relevant!

  11. Sleepy Joe is going to have a problem with Trump, but beyond that is all the world leaders who will eat him alive…

  12. Joe "The Gaffe" Biden is simply running as the "nice grandfather type", along with the Dementia.

  13. It's been a delight watching the Dems clown car dumpster fire. Just an absolute pleasure!

  14. It's plain to see….Pretty much anyone running for president would be far better than the disgusting thing in there now

  15. All of the Huckabees are liars.

  16. These guys like Huckabee and Cruz who use religion for political gain. Their not Christians ✝️ their politicians. Who pretend too care about God. They use the name of God to get people to vote the way they want. They better hope there is no hell, because if there is. People who use God for politics, I’m sure the lord dose not like. Both Huckabee and Cruz are the biggest snakes 🐍 in the grass. 👹

  17. Hillary will step in at the convention under pressure from the establishment. She is a legend in her mind.

  18. Joe is the last hope they have to save their party
    He will not lose as bad as
    AOC will learn that twitter votes are not real votes
    The whole leftist side
    Will consume itself
    At least with Biden they
    will keep some of the house

  19. Castro taught everyone how to read? On a par with deodorants and abolishing child poverty……

  20. The Dems REALLY screwed up! Their hopefuls were SO awful that none could get a solid lead. So, to get noticed, they ALL started making INSANE promises (healthcare for illegals, reparations, terrorist voting rights, free college, gun grabs, open borders, Electoral College elimination, etc.) ALL IT DID was make Bernie look less crazy. Now, to the horror of most Dems, Bernie's a front-runner, and to stop him, they have to rally around a badly flawed candidate with OBVIOUS cognitive decline.

  21. Ha! You wish.
    We're voting for the blue candidate no matter what.
    Blue wave.
    RATpubliTARD cry babies 😂

  22. Omar confused her husband with her brother, too.

  23. Joe's idiot gaffes are a thing of legend, and not just "Poor kids are just as bright as white kids".

  24. that giggle though ahahahah

  25. Funny, they conveniently forgot about Tulsi

  26. Warren just dropped out..bye bye Pocahontas!! 😁



  29. The United States of America is shamed about the Dems ' faces to be president-candidates ? like as Joe Biden , Benie Sanders …. too old , unwealthy , stupidy !

  30. The only thing trump has ever had to offer anyone is abuse. I don't about you, but while I pity masochistic people I don't really have any time for them. I spend my time with adults, thoughtful, creative, compassionate adults. Not phony hucksters or evangelical con men, but truthful adults. They say there's a sucker born every minute. I guess I'm just not one of them.

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