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Huckabee slams Lawrence O’Donnell for reporting fake Trump story

Fox News contributor Mike Huckabee criticizes MSNBC host Lawrence O’Donnell for reporting a false story about President Trump’s finances.

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  2. At least, O'Donnell apologized for his inaccurate report.
    Some people are unable to admit when they're wrong and will do almost anything to prove that they're right.

  3. You cunts have a lot of cheek saying anything about fake news..go get stuffed Fuktards

  4. {{ psssst: no sir, lawrence and olivier/beast }}

  5. :01:36 – nbc, I own you. ditto cbs, cnn, abc, pbs, and ALL THE NEWS COMPANIES, oh, and You-tube, twitter, instagram, etc. etc. etc. no LUV 🖕🏽 The King and I …👑👑IYA

  6. Lol, 11 years is not enough of both of you Mike and Lawrence. Great stuff gentlemen.

  7. There are fake news here and there. President Trump is among the top fake news reporters. He is a habitual liar. So many lies & hypocrisies coming out from President Trump. Even recently his reporting on hurricane Dorian we can find his fake news. Not only this, fake news coming out from President Trump almost every day in his speeches or tweets.

    With President Trump governing USA with lies and hypocrisies. This is like building a house on the sand and not founded on rock. Rain, flood and strong wind will come and this house will surely fall.

  8. This from the biggest lying fu***ng president in history.

  9. no wonder their ratings are sooooo pathetic.. fire o'donnell and maddow, too… the only real hard core journalists out there don't include those stations,… i love sara carter, john solomon and the great woman on fox who does political reporting and i can't think of her name right now..

  10. What's bad for America is Trump a disgrace a criminal a bigot uneducated and a global clown and joke.

  11. Clean your own house first fox news. You are the biggest fake news of them all.

  12. O'Donnell is just another product of getting to that point where he's had enough.. so much so that he's willing to lie and report false information. Left media has arrived at that place where they just dont know what else to do.. the usual BS isnt working obviously.. and I assume they're just going with whatever they hope works.

  13. Dear Miss Huckleberry Flanders, kindly cover your head in batter and then deep-fry it.

  14. Fake news is dangerous for America and American. Must be prosecuted and pay hefty penalty

  15. MSNBC, CNN, ABC……………fabricated or carefully selected and edited crap………………don't waste your time on Larry the Liar……O'Donnell

  16. Lawrence needs to be kicked out..boycott this network…😜😩😠

  17. Rocky Madow looks like a lightweight boxer

  18. Sue that Mutha F^&r and the station!

  19. Ol lantern jaw is a lying grifter. What a joke.

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