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Hundreds arrested at Moscow protest over Ivan Golunov's arrest

Police in Russia say they have arrested at least 200 protesters who were demanding punishment for police officers who arrested a journalist who has since been freed.
However, a group monitoring arrests of opposition figures says the figure is at least 400.
Those arrested include opposition politician Alexei Navalny, a prominent rival of President Vladimir Putin.
Al Jazeera’s Step Vaessen reports from Moscow.

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  1. The drug war just became more evil and idiotic.
    Now it's used to destroy any resemblance of democracy by putting the opposition in jail.

    We must end this drug war. It does way more damage than the actual drugs.

  2. No freedom of speech in Russia or China

  3. This is horrible. Fascist government

  4. You should worry about your owners Qatar funding terrorism. Why don't you report the money from Qatar for Islamic terrorism.

  5. when does this hppen in the uk.

  6. They say Russian is the frees country and yet they are not allow to Protest.

  7. this protest was infiiltrated by u.s. spy and c.i.a.

  8. Now thier rioting in Russia funny.

  9. I haven't seen this on RT(Russia Today). Only thing I see on RT News is Russia is doing great nothing wrong. What a Kremlin cover up.

  10. Break the law and get arrested if you lived in France a good few would have died. And if you lived on America your hands will get zip tied put in a line and pepper sprayed in the face and face national security charges in a military style court .

  11. Pooping is but headed dictator ZAR of Russia

  12. Свободная Россия без коррупции. Весь мир с тобой!

  13. Russia had freed the innocent journalist while Assange stays in prison. And why no protest from Western journalists? It seems Russia has better law and journalist than the west.

  14. American people should protest about Julian Assange extradition against their Uass regime for freedom of speech !

  15. The criminals the terrorists the corrupted are Israelis and theirs puppets usa,not Putin.And Thanks The All Mighty GOD,The Only One ☝️,I am Muslim.


  17. Russia politics has to be settle quickly for the sake of world peace. Cuz, if Putin is not there in world politics, WWIII is inevitable.

  18. Don't need permission..power to the people

  19. CYKA BLYAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. yellow vest protests in France all news channels quite and stop reporting why and protests in Hong Kong Russia saud albani algeria and other countries why this is new world older started time Russia china supporting from Pakistan

  21. RT also same like others 'nuclear' countries media. Show their propaganda, positive and negative news for themselves and enemies.

  22. Russia is still much like the old soviet.

  23. 😂 protestors are playing with fire and a leader who doesn’t need a shirt whilst horseback riding. Good luck.

  24. Golunov was released free hours before. Assange is facing extradition and 175 years.

  25. We don't see this on RT!🤣😁

  26. The Russian Federation don't want Russia to become like the US can you blame them

  27. Har har Modi break Russia akhand Bharat

  28. Putin is the biggest crook ever and what is happening in Russia completely his fault and his corrupted team

  29. How's the weather there, I heard the magnetic north pole is moving south into Siberia, colder temperatures could effect your crops, maybe think about food in your future

  30. Drunk women arrested!!.

  31. War it gin to ta k to stop this the kbg and via to w stop kill it he civilian an d rubbing the civilev you no batter thin kimkusea kouera king the is no batter the vinachola gouveaner so is,5his watter gate skandel and oill skaindel and the rubey righes center of this skaindel

  32. The Mob Boss Putin will have no protests against his Mob Controlled Stazi. Nyet, Nyet.

  33. Russian need to follow the law.

  34. Whaoah it's the country of no right ! Just you have the right to close your mouth and stay in your place ! Putin is like Staline a dictator !

  35. Wow the Russian security forces are so civil compared to United States. If this was US these demonstrators would be beaten and subjected to tear gas at a minimum and then charged with assulting police officer and resisting arrest which is criminal.

  36. Russia and China doesn't believe in Free Speech.

  37. Protests in Russia and China would make a skeptical mind think there might be some interference by some country looking to meddle.

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