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Hunting for the Bones of an Ancient Sea Monster | Best Job Ever

Hunting for the Bones of an Ancient Sea Monster | Best Job Ever

As it turns out, the Jurassic Park films are not entirely accurate. Aubrey Jane Roberts, a National Geographic Young Explorers grantee and professional dinosaur hunter (aka paleontologist) loves the films but laments the fact that they have not kept up with modern paleontological findings. And she should know—she is part of an expedition team that has unearthed bones which could potentially push the evolutionary date of plesiosaurs back 20 to 40 million years and change our understanding of the evolution of this unusual group of marine reptiles. #BestJobEver
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About Best Job Ever:
Are you ready for some serious job envy? National Geographic explorers give you the first hand scoop on the best—and sometimes worst—parts of some seriously surprising professions.

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PRODUCER/EDITOR: Sharon Pieczenik
ONLINE EDITOR: Carolyn Barnwell
GRAPHICS: Chris Mattle

Hunting for the Bones of an Ancient Sea Monster | Best Job Ever

National Geographic

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