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Hunting Megabeasts | National Geographic

Hunting Megabeasts | National Geographic

Megabeasts make for a hearty meal.
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Death of the Megabeasts : http://channel.nationalgeographic.com/channel/episode/death-of-the-megabeasts-3626

Hunting Megabeasts | National Geographic

National Geographic

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  1. That creature was drawn with six legs, or was it just creative license?

  2. No, they didn't exploit their food source.

  3. This guy is a honest to go real life man-bear-pig archeologist. Seeing the signs of manbearpig wherever he is.

  4. Where can I buy the DVD? Seriouely someone tell me

  5. @BinkieMcFartnuggets only a trained Eye can see it clearly!

  6. could someone please post the whole show online please

  7. I Love this
    gerryherrera1978 !

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  8. Well, you are correct, but all religions spring from earlier belief systems as their point of reference. I don't believe there is such a thing as a "pagan" as it is a derogatory term for people whose beliefs are every bit as valid as the more mainstream religions. Frankly no religion is true, they're all primitive attempts to understand the world which are inferior to science, and thus all equally invalid.

  9. Lol, yes, The lack of hygiene can be directly linked to the rise of Christianity. In Roman times everybody washed, then the Christians decided that this was a pagan affectation with no practical value (and besides they lacked the technical knowledge to run the baths). Europe was continuously wracked with diseases as a result. Then Europe discovered germ theory and rapid change began. Since Europe found Science and began to jettison God everything became better, it's called the Enlightenment.

  10. Other theories suggest that early Koories used firesticks in hunting and destroyed too much jungle so the megafauna could no longer feed.

  11. Dig a little bit more and you will find that the Mound Builders were a number of quite sophisticated cultures by world standards but they were 90% wiped out by a smallpox pandemic spread by the De Soto expedition. We're scared of a little swine flu, just imagine what smallpox was like. Besides, man cannot live by bread alone.

  12. so you would like to have no computer?

  13. Meaning it was long, and not a little puff.

  14. ALF! I DIDN'T KNOW HE/IT was real…

  15. Oh yes, and he has wisely ignored the extra pair of legs in the animal's middle. It's a marsupial megabeast, and he says so because he believes it! Skull or no skull, I think he just passes his presumption for a certain fact!

  16. Indeed, I think it's obvious that the elephant was only trained to follow those specific brush strokes. There's no way that the elephant somehow skipped past primitive drawings, and purposefully decided to do an extremely stylized piece, following colour theory and other techniques that humans need to learn from the experts of old. If it was true, it would be a huge news story, not a quick money-making gimmick at some zoo.

  17. I read on one of the video's comments (by "thejang") that, from a different angle, the artist may be guiding the trunk.
    Elephants are one of the few animals with self-awareness, but such abstract, graceful & accurate art seems like a stretch. The drawing surpasses cave drawings, for heaven's sake!

  18. Look up elephants painting and you will see its not the only video or the only elephant capable of drawing with its trunk. Its not a stretch that they would be able to draw themselves. Its probably pretty hard to tell them what to draw though.

  19. I think that Elephant drawing video was fake.
    Didn't you notice how you never see the Elephant's entire trunk?

  20. You need to first determine exactly how efficient these Aboriginals' hunting methods are and were.
    We're also assuming that Aboriginals dominated the entire island, so that there was nowhere for these beasts to migrate.

  21. that painting could of been anything… haha

  22. yea.. cause that's actual footage

  23. heh elephants can draw with their trunks better than humans could in those days.

  24. This weekend i'll be hunting megaBREASTS!

  25. Palorchestes 🙂

    They name it @ 0:42

  26. Back then it wasn't persecution, it was survival.

  27. did they eat it uncooked??

  28. no the ones in the middle are just its saggy boobs

  29. wow psh..every time i watch one of these types of show about these big acient mythical creatures they never find them.like come on the hole time they'er saying there going to find the dam thing so they make people like you and me watch and at the end we see nothing,but a couple of geeks woundering around.

  30. I saw 6 legs too haha, but looking back at it, the first two (on the right) is actually his open mouth I think.

  31. its amazing that humans have the power to cause a mass extinction.

  32. To Murray, the painting bares a startling resemblance to Palorchestes, to everyone else it bares a startling resemblance to a comb…

  33. If you really hate them then why post them?
    Its not like its really going to happen!

  34. It's megabeast Armageddon, get them to shelter before the 27th hits! Run megabeasts, ruuuuun!

  35. They name the animal at 0:42 …

    It's a Palorchestes ( or Palorchestes Azael ) 😉

  36. its meant to be like that

  37. what a coincidence, I'm hunting for megabreasts

  38. thought the two middle ones looked more like boobs.. or in this case.. erm.. udders?

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