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Hurricane Dorian slows: Here's the National Hurricane Center's update | USA TODAY

National Hurricane Center director Ken Graham provides an update on Hurricane Dorian.

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Dorian’s slow crawl, estimated at about 7 mph on Sunday afternoon, placed it within 185 miles of West Palm Beach, Florida. But forecasters remained unsure of whether, or where, it might make landfall in the U.S. after it makes an expected turn to the north. That left millions of people from South Florida to North Carolina on alert and preparing for the worst.

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  1. If I were ANYWHERE on the East Coast I'd evacuate immediately… doesn't matter where it makes landfall, it's a gigantic cat 5 with a very defined eye that's hardly moving forward! It's only moved a couple hundred miles in a week ppl plus it's slowing down even more and the strength keeps building.
    This is gonna be way worse than Hurricane Andrew!
    May God be with you Florida 🙏🏼

  2. I don't think it tracks north like they predict….

  3. Who knows if Port St. Lucie would be affected?

  4. Bro we trying not to die out here and USA Today is just worrying bout getting paid anyone else got an add

  5. Cannot hear 2nd video that good either

  6. This is gonna be worse then 911 and Perl Harbor together! GOD BLESS everyone. There's no where to run . We on the west coast can't even aviod it. No running so. No place up north. Every hotel is full from Tampa to pencecola.

  7. Stay safe everyone in the line of this horrible storm, your audio is so low on this video!!

  8. Prayers to all in its path. It’s a monster. Please get out if you can or call for help.

  9. They should be telling people to evacuate prayers going yup🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  10. Still don't know where for certain this monster is going and my job still wont confirm the day it's closing…. this thing is terrifying!

  11. What if the weak feature stalls?

  12. Dorian wouldn't be able to get in if trump builds his wall

  13. clown – pure guessing – give him the hook


  15. In 2005 hurricane Wilma. It blew up to the strongest Hurricane in the Atlantic Basin. It just sat on the northeast Yucatan Peninsula for, what felt like forever.
    You know this is really starying to get scary as hell. If this is going to be the norm every year from now on. I don't really know what to believe anymore. Is it Global Warming? Is it just a normal cycle for the planet? I understand how the scientists come up with the numbers out of ice. But that isnt as accurate as they make it out to be. Just like Geology with carbon dating. I don know this, cause I lived through it. I remember when I was a kid about 8yrs old. It was so cold during Christmas that I couldn't go outside. Which made me mad, cause almost everyone of my toys could NOT be played with inside. I also remember trick or treating with a jacket on. Now if I lived up north I could totally understand. But this was in Baton Rouge La. The last few year's during the winter months, I only think we had 10 possible days where it was cold and didnt have to turn on my AC. Even Europe is feeling the heat now. A few of my friends live in the Netherlands and would laugh cause I had to turn on my AC. I was told that they didn't have anything like that where they live. All I do know is that I've never been what you would call a tree hugger at all. But now I sit back and just think about the life that my kids are going to have. It really scary when you really think about it. Anyway God Bless everyone and I'm praying for all of you. This is a horrible situation going.

  16. Im surprised these guys still have a job with Trump in office. He say's never even heard of a CAT 5 hurricane and this is the 4th one during his presidency.

  17. If anyone out there, has any new news on what's going on in the Bahamas as of now🙏please comment, on link or what you have heard, no cable/satellite TV here, so we're relying on YouTube, I can't find anything newer than four hours ago , I know they have no power, so maybe they can't post , can't believe footage from earlier, so here from Florida, please be safe, at least the government from the islands ,and now up north, government officials are taking it seriously, sounds like they are getting prepared even if they don't get it, being prepared for a what if situation, have to look at it positive, again🙏🙏"s to Bahamas and all the little islands in between✌️✌

  18. What did he say? I couldn't hear him.

  19. Its going straight to Florida I bet

  20. I've watched several other videos, but being here in South Florida, this particular group is right on, it's a storm that is so utterly unpredictable, especially because of our gulf stream, and it's slow movement, You can only predict so far, big thumbs up from our family, be safe everybody✌️✌

  21. I've been watching this particular upload for the last few days and it is my favorite, the most informative, finding some news from Bahamas it's horrific, here in Florida, just holding my breath for us and praying for the Bahamas and all the islands around, I wish this big monster would speed up, try not to freak out, to anyone North prepare and be safe🙏🙏✌️✌

  22. Inside the hurricane is calm wind

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  24. Who owns put options along the Florida coast? THEY ARE MANIPULATING AND BETTING ON THE WEATHER. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yCxkUaNmUpU&t=495s

  25. May God protect the people on every city and town along the path of this hurricane. In Jesus mighty name. Have mercy on your creation dear Heavenly Father .

  26. I wish I could be there.

  27. If you live in a area that is prone to hurricane weather wouldn't you know to be prepared , like already having food etc, so you don't have to go to long lines at the stores ? Seems like the news always show up to film these people in desperate need of getting supplies ?

  28. ‘ We have not because we ask not or ask amiss ‘ < it is written, I don’t think praying the Lord directs that storm back out to sea is asking amiss …and praying He does .

  29. I think it is more likely that the power of the hurricane moves that little trough.

  30. Can haarp and geoengineering wackos calm down?

  31. Why aren't we all listening to State TV FOX NEWS for hurricane facts? Has YOUR PRESIDENT, DONALD J. TRUMP, sanctioned this LIBERAL Nationals Hurricane Center? Wasn't Ken Graham involved in the Pizza Gate / Hillary Clinton SCAM? GOOGLE IT!!!!!!

  32. USA TODAY your audio is horrible. Sounds like a recording of a recording of a recording of a recording of a recording…………..

  33. SHADETREE uninformative guy with a tie wtf

  34. They are Lying piece of shit. Notice he hasn’t said anything about wind speed, but all the news media is reporting 180 miles an hour 220 mile mph . When the eye of the storm hit Bahamas it was reported only 127 mph. But the news media is still reporting 180 mile an hour winds in a cat 5.

  35. More than a week ago, when Dorian was a small tropical depression/storm in the mid-Atlantic, I ACTUALLY said, "Gee, doesn't 'Dorian" sound like the name of an apocalyptic storm from the '60s, like Camille??" No, I'm no meteorological clairvoyant, but just name, Dorian, sounded like a historical storm from the past that everybody recalls…. And then a few days later, it explodes into the second most powerful hurricane on record for the Atlantic!

  36. Who else lives in ft Lauderdale

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