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Hurricane Dorian survivors: 'Please pray for us' | USA TODAY

‘Please pray for us’: Hurricane Dorian survivors show the Bahamas in ruins
RELATED: See the devastation caused by Hurricane Dorian https://youtu.be/XuIKOXEbzkg

From decimated homes to planes in the street, survivors of Hurricane Dorian show the devastation the storm brought to the Bahamas.

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  1. My Pastor said God has his hand on his people, so why don't we give support to them also gofundme.com/f/e4dk7-natural-disaster-victims

  2. GOVERNMENT SHOULD help you!!

  3. We will see more of this catastrophe as we continue further into the grand solar minimum .it's only the beginning.

  4. weather warfare a genocide in disguise? mask as if act if God? most never ? or understand??

  5. heart aches grieves! Prayers for all! protocol's of the learned elders of Zion!

  6. Im scared pray for me it might hit me

  7. Very toxic comment section..

  8. They need not only help now but help to replace homes, airports, stores, roads etc.

  9. My prayer is to the souls. I pray God let the rulers to link remedies through local planning. Future election issues.

  10. I almost felt like I was stuck in house with her. Shocking footage. I'm so happy her and her baby made it out.

  11. Moral of the story: When you rebuild, don't use wood, rebuild with re-enforced concrete. The winds won't devastate the concrete, it can withstand wind speeds of 50 m/s and more.

  12. It's like the TSUNAMI occurred in Japan on March11, 2011.

  13. You …your baby and all of our Bahamian brothers and sisters are in our prayers……

  14. Lol why would anyone wanna live on a small island regardless of location. One large wave and you and your house can end up at the bottom of the ocean.

  15. Seems like Bahamian Gov't didn't do much for these folks before Dorian hit.

  16. People didnt know the storm was comming? Had no place to go or means to get away?
    Every time a hurricane headed my im gone with every thing I can tote too.

  17. anyone that didn’t leave before this hurricane came was too bullheaded and stupid to know that this was going to happen to them. Shame on the family of that 4 month old for not getting out of there before the hurricane hit. I hope they are ok for the child’s sake, but they are stupid for not leaving beforehand

  18. When this hurricane is almost named after you. …

  19. Beware the organ harvesters!!

  20. I pray for them night and day.

    "Please God, keep them out of the US."

  21. Please people God and Christ are real accept Him open y'all hearts to Him please people if only we left our sinful and selfish ways He would give us the full authority over natural disasters.Please return to your first love.

  22. Lady, that’s all anyone does. Thoughts and prayers.

  23. I'm praying for the victims in Alabama.

  24. Why pray to a imaginary being or object?

  25. I mean ok…. if you want us to do nothing to help. We will all just pray it away.

  26. I just hope the people of Alabama are recovering ok. 😄😆

  27. Pray for you?
    No thanks.
    Ill save my prayers for those who arent complete morons.


  29. That's all you will get from Trump are "thoughts and prayers"……

  30. So how is it that they report 70,000 homeless and population was below 18,000? This seems to be media blowing it out…It is very tragic this has occurred and I feel for the people there. My family spends a great deal of time over there. The people are fantastic. I would like to see reporting that explains how they come up with the numbers…no dought many more lives lost as time goes on….very tragic. Glad to see US step up and help!

  31. Well get the hell out, AOC gave you warnings. 😂

  32. God bless those poor people

  33. Where is the UK in all this?! It's THEIR territory.

  34. Damn….

    Those soldiers were thic af in the thumbnail 0.o

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