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Hyperloop One is joining forces with Virgin and Richard Branson | Engadget Today

Hyperloop One is joining forces with Virgin and Richard Branson | Engadget Today

The company will re-brand as Virgin Hyperloop One

Today, the Virgin Group has announced that it has invested in Hyperloop One, the startup that recently demonstrated a working prototype of the travel system. As well as cash, and the involvement of Sir Richard Branson, the company will re-brand as Virgin Hyperloop One in the near future. In a statement, Branson described the technology as the “world’s most revolutionary train service.”

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  1. i would advise Richard to invest in … Perpetual Motion One ….. 😂😂

  2. does Musk put his money in HYPE LOOP , and how much ??

  3. Virgin megastore one, Virgin galatic one, Virgin hype loop one, Virgin flying car one,
    Virgin perpetual motion one …. pwahaha ….
    but of course, if you have lot of money to throw away ….

  4. They are going to need a bigger tube or a front turbine, the Kantrowitz limit applies.

  5. Do what ever yo like but please do not waste public money on the name of technology.

  6. so ridiculous, just try and go above 150 mph, they don't have jack shit. Only Germany, China and Japan have the real high speed maglev technology. Try to build a track that have turns and longer than 50miles, and then you can start bullshitting about it. Hello, have they even heard of high temperature superconductor??? America is so far behind on the research of it. No nation will transfer this core technology to some nobody who had build some electric cars which are based on other people's technology.

  7. would they merge space x and virgin galactic too ??? that would speed things up !

  8. Virgin trains bad? Are you kidding me, their trains are fine and most electric trains operating in the UK are Virign, Cross country.

  9. Request for future videos: when putting speeds etc on screen, could you please add metric?

  10. Hasn’t this guy got enough money already?

  11. wilford wilford hip hurra…… the engine is eternal

  12. Oh God, he’s one of the most despicable humans alive, hate him, worst decision they could have made…

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